Linkerd - edge-23.4.2



This edge release contains a number of bug fixes.

  • CLI
  • Fixed linkerd uninstall issue for HttpRoute
  • The linkerd diagnostics policy command now displays outbound policy when
    the target resource is a Service

  • CNI

  • Fixed incompatibility issue with AWS CNI addon in EKS, that was
    forbidding pods to acquire networking after scaling up nodes.
    (thanks @frimik!)
  • Added --set flag to install-cni plugin (thanks @amit-62!)

  • Control Plane

  • Fixed an issue where the policy controller always used the default
    cluster.local domain
  • Send Opaque protocol hint for opaque ports in destination controller

  • Helm

  • Fixed an issue in the viz Helm chart where the namespace metadata template
    would throw unexpected argument found errors
  • Fixed Jaeger chart installation failure

  • Multicluster

  • Remove namespace field from cluster scoped resources to fix pruning

  • Proxy

  • Updated h2 dependency to include a patch for a theoretical
    denial-of-service vulnerability discovered in CVE-2023-26964
  • Handle Opaque protocol hints on endpoints
  • Changed the proxy's default log level to silence warnings from
    trust_dns_proto that are generally spurious.
  • Added outbound_http_balancer_endpoints metric
  • Fixed missing route_ metrics for requests with ServiceProfiles

  • Viz

  • Bump prometheus image to v2.43.0
  • Add the kubelet NetworkAuthentication back since it is used by the
    linkerd viz allow-scrapes subcommand.


April 21, 2023, 7:20 p.m.
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