Linkerd - edge-23.10.4


This edge release includes a fix for the ServiceProfile CRD resource schema.
The schema incorrectly required not response matches to be arrays, while the
in-cluster validator parsed not response matches as objects. In addition, an
issues has been fixed in linkerd profile. When used with the --open-api
flag, it would not strip trailing slashes when generating a resource from
swagger specifications.

  • Fixed an issue where trailing slashes wouldn't be stripped when generating
    ServiceProfile resources through linkerd profile --open-api (#11519)
  • Fixed an issue in the ServiceProfile CRD schema. The schema incorrectly
    required that a not response match should be an array, which the service
    profile validator rejected since it expected an object. The schema has been
    updated to properly indicate that not values should be an object (#11510;
    fixes #11483)
  • Improved logging in the destination controller by adding the client pod's
    name to the logging context. This will improve visibility into the messages
    sent and received by the control plane from a specific proxy (#11532)
  • Fixed an issue in the destination controller where the metadata API would not
    initialize a Job informer. The destination controller uses the metadata API
    to retrieve Job metadata, and relies mostly on informers. Without an
    initialized informer, an error message would be logged, and the controller
    relied on direct API calls (#11541; fixes #11531)


Oct. 27, 2023, 11:22 p.m.
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