Linkerd - edge-22.5.3


This edge release fixes a few proxy issues, improves the upgrade process, and
introduces proto retries to Service Profiles. Also included are updates to the
bash scripts to ensure that they follow best practices.

  • Polished the shell scripts (thanks @joakimr-axis)
  • Introduced retries to Service Profiles based on the idempotency option of the
    method by adding an isRetryable function to the proto definition
    (thanks @mahlunar)
  • Fixed proxy responses to CONNECT requests by removing the content-length
    and/or transfer-encoding headers from the response
  • Fixed DNS lookups in the proxy to consistently use A records when SRV records
    cannot be resolved
  • Added dynamic policy discovery to the proxy by evaluating traffic on ports
    not included in the LINKERD2_PROXY_INBOUND_PORTS environment variable
  • Added logic to require that the linkerd CRDs are installed when running
    the linkerd upgrade command


May 31, 2022, 4:56 p.m.
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