Linkerd - edge-22.4.1


In order to support having custom resources in the default Linkerd installation,
the CLI install flow is now always a 2-step process where
linkerd install --crds must be run first to install CRDs only and then linkerd install is run
to install everything else. This more closely aligns the CLI install flow with
the Helm install flow where the CRDs are a separate chart. This also applies to
linkerd upgrade. Also, the config and control-plane sub-commands have been
removed from both linkerd install and linkerd upgrade.

On the proxy side, this release fixes an issue where proxies would not honor the
cluster's opaqueness settings for non-pod/service addresses. This could cause
protocol detection to be peformed, for instance, when using off-cluster

This release also disables the use of regexes in Linkerd log filters (i.e., as
set by LINKERD2_PROXY_LOG). Malformed log directives could, in theory, cause a
proxy to stop responding.

The label in some of the CRDs had its formatting fixed, which
avoids issues when installing/upgrading through external tools that make use of
it, such as recent versions of Flux.

  • Added --crds flag to install/upgrade and remove config/control-plane stages
  • Allowed the AuthorizationPolicy CRD to have an empty
    requiredAuthenticationRefs entry that allows all traffic
  • Introduced nodeAffinity config in all the charts for enhanced control on the
    pods scheduling (thanks @michalrom089!)
  • Introduced resources, nodeSelector and tolerations configs in the
    linkerd-multicluster-link chart for enhanced control on the service mirror
    deployment (thanks @utay!)
  • Fixed formatting of the label in CRDs
  • Updated container base images from buster to bullseye
  • Added support for spaces in the annotation


April 28, 2022, 7:13 p.m.
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