Linkerd - edge-23.2.3


This edge release includes a number of fixes and introduces a new CLI command,
linkerd prune. The new prune command should be used to remove resources
which are no longer part of the Linkerd manifest when doing an upgrade.
Previously, the recommendation was to use linkerd upgrade in conjunction with
kubectl apply --prune, however, that will not remove resources which are not
part of the input manifest, and it will not detect cluster scoped resources,
linkerd prune (included in all core extensions) should be preferred over it.

Additionally, this change contains a few fixes from our external contributors,
and a change to the viz Helm chart which allows for arbitrary annotations on
Service objects. Last but not least, the release contains a few proxy
internal changes to prepare for the new client policy API.

  • Added a new linkerd prune command to the CLI (including extensions) to
    remove resources which are no longer part of Linkerd's manifests
  • Introduced new values in the viz chart to allow for arbitrary annotations
    on the Service objects (thanks @sgrzemski!)
  • Fixed up a comment in k8s API wrapper (thanks @ductnn!)
  • Fixed an issue with EndpointSlice endpoint reconciliation on slice deletion;
    when using more than one slice, a NoEndpoints event would be sent to the
    proxy regardless of the amount of endpoints that were still available (thanks


Feb. 23, 2023, 4:35 p.m.
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