Linkerd - stable-2.12.4


This stable release fixes a memory leak in the Destination controller, and also
includes other bug fixes for the Linkerd control plane, CLI, and extensions.

  • CLI
  • Fixed an issue in the CLI where --identity-external-ca would set an
    incorrect field (thanks @anoxape!)

  • Control Plane

  • Fixed an issue in the destination controller's cache that could result in
    stale endpoints when using EndpointSlice objects
  • Fixed control plane components failing liveness probes while waiting for
    caches to sync, which could prevent the control plane from starting in large
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Destination controller

  • linkerd-proxy-init

  • Added resource limits for noop init container, to support environments
    where resource quotas are required

  • Helm

  • Added namespace to namespace-metadata resources in Helm (thanks
  • Fixed potential nil pointer dereference errors in template evaluation

  • Extensions

  • Fixed an issue where linkerd viz tap would display wrong latency/duration
    value (thanks @olegy2008!)


Feb. 10, 2023, 2:45 a.m.
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