Linkerd - edge-23.5.1


This edge release introduces the ability to configure the proxy's discovery cache
timeouts via annotations. While most users will not need to do this, it can be
useful to improve the mesh's resilience to control plane failures. This release
also includes a number of other important improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added -o json flag for the linkerd multicluster gateways command (thanks
  • Added missing label to certain resources to ensure they
    pruned when appropriate (thanks @ClementRepo)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the service mirror controller
  • Improved validation of the --to and --from flags for the linkerd viz stat
    command (thanks @pranoyk)
  • Fixed an issue with W3C trace context propagation which caused proxy spans to
    be siblings rather than children of their original parent (thanks
  • Updated the Linkerd CNI plugin base docker image from Debian to Alpine
  • Fixed an issue where specifying a remote_write config would cause the
    Prometheus config to be invalid (thanks @hiteshwani29)
  • Added the ability to configure the proxy's discovery cache timeouts with the and annotations
  • Fixed the linkerd viz check command so that it will wait until the viz
    extension becomes ready
  • Fixed an issue where meshed pods could not communicate with themselves through
    a ClusterIP Service


May 12, 2023, 6:20 p.m.
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