Linkerd - stable-2.13.0


This release introduces client-side policy to Linkerd, including dynamic routing
and circuit breaking. Gateway API HTTPRoutes
can now be used to configure policy for outbound (client) proxies as well as
inbound (server) proxies, by creating HTTPRoutes with Service resources as their
parentRef. See the Linkerd documentation for tutorials on dynamic request
and circuit breaking. New functionality for debugging HTTPRoute-based
policy is also included in this release, including new proxy metrics and the
ability to display outbound policies in the linkerd diagnostics policy CLI

In addition, this release adds network-validator, a new init container to be
used when CNI is enabled. network-validator ensures that local iptables rules
are working as expected. It will validate this before linkerd-proxy starts.
network-validator replaces the noop container, runs as nobody, and drops
all capabilities before starting.

Finally, this release includes a number of bugfixes, performance improvements,
and other smaller additions.

Upgrade notes: Please see the upgrade instructions.

  • CRDs
  • HTTPRoutes may now have Service parents, to configure outbound policy
  • Updated HTTPRoute version from v1alpha1 to v1beta2

  • CLI

  • Added a new linkerd prune command to the CLI (including most extensions) to
    remove resources which are no longer part of Linkerd's manifests
  • Added additional shortnames for Linkerd policy resources (thanks @javaducky!)
  • The linkerd diagnostics policy command now displays outbound policy when
    the target resource is a Service

  • Control Plane

  • The policy controller now discovers outbound policy configurations from
    HTTPRoutes that target Services.
  • Added OutboundPolicies API, for use by linkerd-proxy to route
    outbound traffic
  • Added Prometheus /metrics endpoint to the admin server, with process
  • Fixed QueryParamMatch parsing for HTTPRoutes
  • Added the policy status controller which writes the status field to
    HTTPRoutes when a parent reference Server accepts or rejects it
  • Added KubeAPI server ports to ignoreOutboundPorts of proxy-injector
  • No longer apply waitBeforeExitSeconds to control plane, viz and jaeger
    extension pods
  • Added support for the internalTrafficPolicy of a service (thanks @yc185050!)
  • Added block chomping to strip trailing new lines in ConfigMap (thanks @avdicl!)
  • Added protection against nil dereference in resources helm template
  • Added support for Pod Security Admission (Pod Security Policy resources are
    still supported but disabled by default)
  • Lowered non-actionable error messages in the Destination log to debug-level
    entries to avoid triggering false alarms (thanks @siddharthshubhampal!)
  • Fixed an issue with EndpointSlice endpoint reconciliation on slice deletion;
    when using more than one slice, a NoEndpoints event would be sent to the
    proxy regardless of the amount of endpoints that were still available
    (thanks @utay!)
  • Improved diagnostic log messages
  • Fixed sending of spurious profile updates
  • Removed unnecessary Namespaces access from the destination controller RBAC
  • Added the server_port_subscribers metric to track the number of subscribers
    to Server changes associated with a pod's port
  • Added the service_subscribers metric to track the number of subscribers to
    Service changes
  • Fixed a small memory leak in the opaque ports watcher

  • Proxy

  • Use the new OutboundPolicies API, supporting Gateway API-style routes
    in the outbound proxy
  • Added support for dynamic request routing based on HTTPRoutes
  • Added HTTP circuit breaking
  • Added outbound_route_backend_http_requests_total,
    outbound_route_backend_grpc_requests_total, and
    outbound_http_balancer_endpoints metrics
  • Changed the proxy's behavior when traffic splitting so that only services
    that are not in failfast are used. This will enable the proxy to manage
    failover without external coordination
  • Updated tokio (async runtime) in the proxy which should reduce CPU usage,
    especially for proxy's pod local (i.e in the same network namespace)

  • linkerd-proxy-init

  • Changed proxy-init iptables rules to be idempotent upon init pod
    restart (thanks @jim-minter!)
  • Improved logging in proxy-init and linkerd-cni
  • Added a proxyInit.privileged setting to control whether the proxy-init
    initContainer runs as a privileged process

  • CNI

  • Added static and dynamic port overrides for CNI eBPF to work with socket-level
    load balancing
  • Added network-validator init container to ensure that iptables rules are
    working as expected
  • Added a resources field in the linkerd-cni chart (thanks @jcogilvie!)

  • Viz

  • Added tap.ignoredHeaders Helm value to the linkerd-viz chart. This value
    allows users to specify a comma-separated list of header names which will be
    ignored by Linkerd Tap (thanks @ryanhristovski!)
  • Removed duplicate SecurityContext in Prometheus manifest
  • Added new flag --viz-namespace which avoids requiring permissions for
    listing all namespaces in linkerd viz subcommands (thanks @danibaeyens!)
  • Removed the TrafficSplit page from the Linkerd viz dashboard (thanks
  • Introduced new values in the viz chart to allow for arbitrary annotations
    on the Service objects (thanks @sgrzemski!)
  • Added an optional AuthorizationPolicy to authorize Grafana to Prometheus
    in the Viz extension

  • Multicluster

  • Removed duplicate AuthorizationPolicy for probes from the multicluster
    gateway Helm chart
  • Updated wording for linkerd-multicluster cluster when it fails to probe a
    remote gateway mirror
  • Added multicluster gateway nodeSelector and tolerations helm parameters
  • Added new configuration options for the multicluster gateway:

    • gateway.deploymentAnnotations
    • gateway.terminationGracePeriodSeconds (thanks @bunnybilou!)
    • gateway.loadBalancerSourceRanges (thanks @Tyrion85!)
  • Extensions

  • Removed dependency on the curlimages/curl 3rd-party image used to initialize
    extensions namespaces metadata (so they are visible by linkerd check),
    replaced by the new extension-init image
  • Converted ServerAuthorization resources to AuthorizationPolicy resources
    in Linkerd extensions
  • Removed policy resources bound to admin servers in extensions (previously
    these resources were used to authorize probes but now are authorized by
  • Fixed the link to the Jaeger dashboard the in viz dashboard (thanks
  • Updated linkerd-jaeger's collector to expose port 4318 in order support HTTP
    alongside gRPC (thanks @uralsemih!)

  • Among other dependency updates, the no-longer maintained ghodss/yaml library
    was replaced with (thanks @Juneezee!)

This release includes changes from a massive list of contributors! A special
thank-you to everyone who helped make this release possible:


April 11, 2023, 2:16 a.m.
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