Linkerd - edge-23.2.1


This edge release sees the linkerd-cni plugin moved to
linkerd2-proxy-init and released from that repository. An iptables
improvement to linkerd-cni and proxy-init is the main focus. Other
minor fixes are also included.

  • Changed proxy-init iptables rules to be idempotent upon init pod
    restart (thanks @jim-minter!)
  • Improved logging in proxy-init and linkerd-cni
  • Added the server_port_subscribers metric to track the number of subscribers
    to Server changes associated with a pod's port
  • Added the service_subscribers metric to track the number of subscribers to
    Service changes
  • Fixed a small memory leak in the opaque ports watcher
  • No longer apply waitBeforeExitSeconds to control plane, viz and jaeger
    extension pods
  • Added support for the internalTrafficPolicy of a service (thanks @yc185050!)
  • Added limits and requests to network-validator for ResourceQuota interop
  • Added block chomping to strip trailing new lines in ConfigMap (thanks @avdicl!)
  • Added multicluster gateway nodeSelector and tolerations helm parameters
  • Added protection against nil dereference in resources helm template


Feb. 10, 2023, 5:58 p.m.
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