Linkerd - edge-22.12.1


This edge release introduces static and dynamic port overrides for CNI eBPF
socket-level load balancing. In certain installations when CNI plugins run in
eBPF mode, socket-level load balancing rewrites packet destinations to port
6443; as with 443 already, this port is now skipped as well on control plane
components so that they can communicate with the Kubernetes API before their
proxies are running.

Additionally, a potential panic and false warning have been fixed in the
destination controller.

  • Updated linkerd-jaeger's collector to expose port 4318 in order support HTTP
    alongside gRPC (thanks @uralsemih!)
  • Added a proxyInit.privileged setting to control whether the proxy-init
    initContainer runs as a privileged process
  • Fixed a potential panic in the destination controller caused by concurrent
    writes when dealing with Endpoint updates
  • Fixed false warning when looking up HostPort mappings on Pods
  • Added static and dynamic port overrides for CNI eBPF to work with socket-level
    load balancing


Dec. 2, 2022, 6:53 p.m.
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