Linkerd - stable-2.12.3


This stable release is packed with various fixes in both the core linkerd
controllers and extensions.

  • CLI
  • Fixed linkerd check failing when the cluster had services of type
  • Fixed linkerd multicluster install not honoring the gateway.UID setting
  • Fixed flag linkerd upgrade --from-manifests

  • Destination Controller

  • Fixed race condition in destination controller
  • Fixed issue in the destination controller where hostPort mappings were
    being ignored

  • linkerd-proxy-init

  • Set the noop init container user to be the same as proxy-init's to avoid
    errors when the security context disallows running as root
  • Introduced proxyInit.privileged setting to allow running
    linkerd-proxy-init without restrictions when required
  • Added port 6443 to default skipped ports to bypass proxy when ebpf CNIs
    override the API Server packet destination

  • Extensions

  • Removed unnecessary proxyProtocol restriction in the multicluster gateway
    Server (thanks @psmit!)
  • Added "Exists" toleration to the linkerd-cni DaemonSet to have it
    installed by default in tainted nodes
  • Make dashboard loading more robust when in the presence of browser plugins
    injecting script tags (thanks @junnplus!)


Dec. 9, 2022, 2:57 p.m.
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