Rook - v1.9.1


Rook v1.9.1 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on feature additions and bug fixes to the Ceph operator.

  • monitoring: Disable new alerts that are not applicable to rook (#10109, @travisn)
  • core: Examples set default priority class names (#10096, @travisn)
  • nfs: use for csi nfsplugin image (#10059, @Madhu-1)
  • csi: Add CSI encryption support (#9940, @Rakshith-R)
  • csi: Make GRPC timeout configurable (#10074, @Madhu-1)
  • helm: Add missing default resources in rook components (#10089, @yuvalman)
  • osd: Enable Quincy osd release version (#10088, @travisn)
  • core: Update controller-runtime version to v0.11.2 (#10023, @subhamkrai)
  • block: Validate name updates to the BlockPool CR (#10099, @Madhu-1)
  • helm: Add ingressClassName field (#10093, @log1cb0mb)
  • csi: Enable csi nfs to generate nfs rbac for csv (#10071, @Rakshith-R)
  • docs: Update NFS docs including latest CSI work (#10014, @BlaineEXE)
  • build: Generate a separate NFS CSI RBAC manifest (#10058, @BlaineEXE)
  • docs: Add info about mounting NFS exports externally (#10078, @BlaineEXE)
  • csi: Add nfs nodeplugin & provisioner (#9927, @Rakshith-R)
  • build: update golang version to v1.17 (#10094, @subhamkrai)
  • build: Add a placeholder rgw role for csv generation (#10108, @travisn)
  • subvolumegroup: Refactor subvolumegroup controller (#10111, @Madhu-1)


April 21, 2022, 6:51 p.m.
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