Rook - v1.10.8


Rook v1.10.8 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on feature additions and bug fixes to the Ceph operator.

  • helm: Allow to specify allowed topologies for storage class (#11377, @steache)
  • docs: Auto generate helm docs (#11346, @zalsader)
  • ci: Build with Go 1.19 in the CI (#11427, @Rajpratik71)
  • operator: Debug logging admission controller deletion (#11448, @subhamkrai)
  • core: Allow ceph.conf to be updated if it already exists (#11399, @travisn)
  • osd: Create OSDs without overriding with the /dev/mapper alias (#11301, @ausias-armesto)
  • osd: Replace dot with dash in device set names since used as volume names (#11414, @travisn)
  • core: Read mon secret from file instead of an env var in the mgr, osd prepare, and toolbox (#11434, @travisn)
  • core: Remove unnecessary env vars from pod specs (#11331, @travisn)
  • operator: Clean up webhook when disabled (#11432, @subhamkrai)
  • docs: Import external K8s cluster on existing cluster (#11405, @parth-gr)
  • csi: Add missing update RBAC for CephFS and NFS (#11468, @Madhu-1)
  • ci: upgrade minikube action to latest version (#11439, @subhamkrai)
  • osd: Allow mpath_member FSType for mpath disks (#11413, @travisn)
  • osd: Remove stale dm device during osd-prepare-job (#11387, @Rakshith-R)


Dec. 21, 2022, 5:42 p.m.
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