Rook - v1.11.0

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade from previous versions of Rook, see the Rook upgrade guide.

Breaking Changes

  • The minimum version of K8s version supported is v1.21.
  • The minimum version of the Ceph-CSI driver is v3.7.
  • Removed support for MachineDisruptionBudgets, including settings removed from the CephCluster CR:
  • manageMachineDisruptionBudgets
  • machineDisruptionBudgetNamespace
  • Versions of golang supported during development are v1.19 and v1.20.


  • Ceph-CSI v3.8 is now the version deployed by default with Rook. The driver has a number of important updates to add more storage features available to clients.
  • Added setting requireMsgr2 on the CephCluster CR to allow clusters with a kernel of 5.11 or newer to fully communicate with msgr2 and disable the msgr1 port. This allows for more flexibility to enable msgr2 features such as encryption and compression on the wire.
  • Change pspEnable default value to false in helm charts, and remove documentation for enabling PSP.
    If still using a version of K8s where PSPs are required, see the v1.10 documentation.
  • Object store bucket notifications and topics are now marked as stable features.
  • The Ceph exporter daemon is configured as the source of metrics based on performance counters from Ceph daemons. The exporter daemon
    provides more scalability of metrics collection to reduce load on the Ceph mgr.
  • Read affinity for RBD volumes is now available, leveraging the krbd map options to allow serving reads from an OSD in proximity to the client, according to OSD locations defined in the CRUSH map and topology labels on nodes.
  • Mirroring data across clusters with overlapping networks is now supported. Mon and OSD services will be configured with global IPs across multiple clusters with overlapping CIDRs. The clusters must be configured using an MCS API-compatible applications such as submariner globalnet. This feature is supported for Ceph version v17.2.6 or later.
  • The Ceph Mgr standby now is managed with a readiness probe instead of a sidecar.


Feb. 28, 2023, 1:09 a.m.
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