Rook - v1.9.0

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade from previous versions of Rook, see the Ceph upgrade guide.

Breaking Changes

  • The MDS liveness and startup probes are now configured by the CephFilesystem CR instead of the CephCluster CR. To apply the MDS probes, they need to be specified in the CephFilesystem CR. See the CephFilesystem doc for more details.
  • In the Helm charts, all Ceph components now have default values for the pod resources. The values can be modified or removed in values.yaml depending on cluster requirements.
  • Prometheus rules are installed by the cluster Helm chart. If you were relying on the CephCluster CR setting monitoring.enabled to create the prometheus rules, they now need to be enabled by setting monitoring.createPrometheusRules in the cluster Helm chart values.
  • Removed the obsolete cross build container, now unused by the CI


  • The number of mgr daemons for example clusters is increased to 2, resulting in a standby mgr daemon. If the active mgr goes down, Ceph will update the passive mgr to be active, and rook will update all the services with the label app=rook-ceph-mgr to direct traffic to the new active mgr.
  • Network encryption is configurable with settings in the CephCluster CR. Requires the 5.11 kernel or newer.
  • Network compression is configurable with settings in the CephCluster CR. Requires Ceph Quincy (v17) and a newer kernel as also required for encryption.
  • Support for custom ceph.conf for csi pods.
  • Ceph prometheus rules added and updated as recommended from the main Ceph project. The rules can be created with the cluster helm chart by setting the monitoring.createPrometheusRules, or see the monitoring documentation if not using helm.
  • The service account rook-ceph-rgw is added to the RGW pods.
  • A CephBlockPoolRadosNamespace CRD is provided to create RADOS namespaces in a pool.


April 13, 2022, 10:42 p.m.
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