Rook - v1.13.4


Rook v1.13.4 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on feature additions and bug fixes to the Ceph operator.

  • helm: Remove cpu limits from all pods (#13722, @travisn)
  • core: Set blocking PDB even if no unhealthy PGs appear (#13511, @ushitora-anqou)
  • mgr: Update the dashboard password when the secret changes (#13644, @rkachach)
  • core: Skip reconcile if override configmap is unchanged (#13652, @travisn)
  • core: remove invalid ownerRef from networkFence (#13728, @subhamkrai)
  • osd: Correctly count the devices when metadataDevice is set (#13673, @satoru-takeuchi)
  • csi: Update network fence CR name (#13615, @riya-singhal31)
  • object: Add check specific to name and namespace for ceph cosi driver (#13623, @thotz)
  • exporter: Don't delete exporter service on daemon deletion (#13653, @travisn)
  • csi: Fix NetNamespaceFilePath generation with namespace instead of name (#13663, @iPraveenParihar)
  • csi: Option to set a static csi driver name (#13622, @Madhu-1)
  • object: Fix the default multisite zonegroup creation (#13655, @parth-gr)
  • docs: Declare the max supported K8s version (#13646, @parth-gr)
  • ci: Reformat the python script (#13645, @parth-gr)
  • object: Watch for updates to the cosidriver CRD (#13621, @thotz)
  • mgr: Improvements to dashboard configuration handling (#13604, @rkachach)


Feb. 8, 2024, 8:45 p.m.
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