Rook - v1.11.6


Rook v1.11.6 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on feature additions and bug fixes to the Ceph operator.

  • osd: Support expanding lvm osd on pvc (#12164, @satoru-takeuchi)
  • monitoring: Skip creating the service monitor for the exporter if monitoring is not enabled (#12216, @travisn)
  • docs: Generate documentation for CRDs (#12110 #12179, @Javlopez)
  • core: Add termination grace period for exporter pods (#12215, @avanthakkar)
  • csi: servicemonitor for rook-ceph csi drivers (#12170, @jouve)
  • monitoring: Configurable option to disable prometheus metrics (#12193, @travisn)
  • mgr: Default to active mgr label if only one mgr is running (#12137, @travisn)
  • osd: Allow scanning devices with filter (#11976, @Javlopez)
  • core: Disable controller runtime metrics server (#12194, @Madhu-1)
  • mgr: Use mgr_role dynamic label to tag the active ceph manager (#11845, @rkachach)
  • operator: use KUBECONFIG context for cli if present (#12192, @BlaineEXE)
  • external: fix rgw multisite config check (#12182 #12238, @parth-gr)
  • operator: validate multus validation networks in cli (#12187, @BlaineEXE)
  • operator: Fix package logger name for rookcli (#12186, @BlaineEXE)
  • ceph: Unset the encryption configuration before updating the setting (#12181, @Madhu-1)


May 16, 2023, 10:13 p.m.
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