Rook - v1.10.6


Rook v1.10.6 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on feature additions and bug fixes to the Ceph operator.

  • crash: Crash collectors in wrong namespaces were deleted (#11322, @haslersn)
  • helm: Allow setting DISCOVER_DAEMON_UDEV_BLACKLIST (#11303, @JensErat)
  • docs: Add additional RBD image features to docs and YAML files (#10652, @anthonyeleven)
  • core: Include userID/userKey to secret generated from CephClient (#11280, @avanthakkar)
  • mon: Remove out of quorum mons from ceph.conf for improved connectivity during failover or partial quorum (#10887, @travisn)
  • object: Mark endpoint as a optional field (#11300, @iamniting)
  • osd: Support loop devices for test clusters (#11268, @peng225)
  • core: Allow setting resources on the discovery daemon (#11278, @parth-gr)
  • object: Do not create service for external object stores (#11202, @BlaineEXE)
  • mon: Apply mon store settings more efficiently with the assimilate conf (#11241, @travisn)
  • docs: Clarify in docs and readme that Rook focuses on Ceph (#11290, @travisn)
  • docs: Set CRD page titles to the CRD name (#11289, @travisn)
  • docs: Clarification for NixOS deployment properties (#11269, @yajo)


Nov. 17, 2022, 11:26 p.m.
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