Hasura - v2.6.0

Milestone Release - v2.6.0

Announcing GraphQL Joins

We are delighted to announce Hasura’s data federation capabilities that accelerate the API development process by creating a single GraphQL schema from multiple data sources such as databases and remote GraphQL APIs. This allows you to query and mutate across federated data sources in real-time without writing any custom code. In addition, we can leverage many of Hasura’s powerful features from Hasura CE and Hasura Cloud.
Hasura’s field level permissions for remote schemas applies for joins as well, allowing for tightly controlled data disclosure when federating sources.
Leverage Hasura Cloud’s caching directive to instantly put caching in front of multiple remote GraphQL schemas.

Breaking changes

The query and raw-query field from http-logs for metadata requests are removed by default. Use HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENABLE_METADATA_QUERY_LOGGING to re-enable those fields.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • server: removed 'query' and 'raw-query' field from logs for metadata queries by default. Use HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENABLE_METADATA_QUERY_LOGGING to re enable those fields.
  • server: clear_metadata now correctly archives event triggers and the drop source API drops indirect dependencies created by remote relationships when the dependent source is dropped.
  • server: fix inserting values into columns with case sensitive enum types for PostgreSQL/Citus backends (fix #4014)
  • server: remote relationships can be defined on and to Microsoft SQL Server tables
  • server: fix issues with JSON key encoding for remote schemas (fixes #7543 and #8200)
  • server: fix Microsoft SQL Server insert mutation when relationships are used in check permissions (fix #8225)
  • server: refactor GraphQL query static analysis and improve OpenAPI warning messages
  • server: avoid a resource leak when connecting to PostgreSQL fails
  • server: fix parsing remote relationship json definition from 1.x server catalog on migration (fix #7906)
  • server: Don't drop nested typed null fields in actions (fix #8237)
  • server: fixes remote relationships on actions (fix #8399)
  • server: update pg_dump to be compatible with Postgres 14 (#7676)
  • console: add support for setting aggregation query permissions for Microsoft SQL Server
  • console: add support for RS-to-DB and RS-to-RS relationships to Remote Schemas
  • console: removed the need for clicking the Modify btn before editing a remote schema (#1193, #8262)
  • console: add remote database relationships support for views
  • cli: fix remote schema metadata formatting issues (#7608)
  • cli: fix query collections metadata formatting issues (#7616)
  • cli: fix performance regression in migrate status command (fix #8398)
  • docs: support for graphql-ws is considered GA


April 28, 2022, 9:51 a.m.
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