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Hasura Enterprise Edition brings you a host of performance, security, observability features and support for databases like Snowflake, Amazon Athena, MySQL and Oracle. Read more to know about all the Hasura EE features that can help you scale your API for production.

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Database-to-database relationships for Data Connector-based data sources (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)

Add support for creating database-to-database relationships for Athena, Snowflake, Oracle, MySQL, and MariaDB.

Zero downtime environment variable updates on Hasura Cloud

Updating environment variables in Hasura cloud will now not lead to a project restart that caused a momentary downtime of the API.

Behaviour changes

  • Introduce a timeout while processing scheduled events. The timeout will be determined by the lower value, 30 minutes or the response timeout associated with the scheduled event.
  • In instances with data connectors, exported metadata includes a mapping from assigned data connector names to configurations. Previously these entries were given in the order they were created. Now the entries are ordered by name instead.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Add metadata APIs <db_type>_get_source_tables to list all tables available from a given source.
  • BigQuery tables with JSON columns can now be tracked and rows can be returned from them.
  • Add connection_template as an optional argument in pg_test_connection_template API. The given template takes precedence over the source template. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Support queries containing distinct_on arguments on CockroachDB.
  • Fix cache clearing endpoints (/pro/cache/*) which were returning a OAEServerStart error previously. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Support _is_null operator in SQL Server permissions.
  • In dev mode, include resolved dynamic db connection template information in API error response's internal field (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Add new Prometheus metrics for monitoring the cron triggers and one-off triggers. (Enterprise edition only)
  • Add new Prometheus metrics hasura_event_processed_total and hasura_event_invocations_total (Enterprise edition only)
  • Improve error message for dynamic db connection template parsing error. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Improve schema-sync logs; remove unnecessary logs and refine log messages
  • Fix regression introduced in v2.22.0 in event trigger log auto cleanup in Postgres sources (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Allow running read-only run_sql queries in read-only mode.


  • Enable new data tab UI for BigQuery
  • Allow tracking relationships from the new manage database view for Data Connector-based data sources
  • Show Postgres trigger condition, if present, on table modify page to clarify when a PG trigger actually gets triggered
  • Fix a bug that causes the console to crash when parsing internal property of the metadata error response
  • Fixes bug where databases persist in the nav tree after removing the database from the Manage databases screen.
  • Fix issue with dynamic DB routing not showing up on EE console (Enterprise edition only)
  • Fixes a bug where columns with custom GraphQL names could not be used to sort/filter in Browse Rows.
  • Fix console crashing issue for Athena & Snowflake tables with JSON columns
  • Previously, certain features of the Console would not work when running against a PostgreSQL database that does not allow writes, e.g. a read replica. These are now fixed.
  • You can now apply filters when querying data.
  • The Modify sub-tab no longer crashes the Console.
  • Enables the new database relationship UI by default. Can opt back in to legacy UI using the feature flag.
  • UI improvements to Snowflake & Athena tracking section
  • Fixes a bug in the new relationships UI that prevented creating a relationship when starting from a view.

Data Connectors

  • Fixed issue where the source column was being used instead of the target column in joins in Athena and Snowflake. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Fixes Date/DateTime fields being converted to null in comparisons and where clauses in GraphQL Data connectors. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Fixes support for introspection field-only queries in Athena and Snowflake. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)


  • Updates ubuntu focal base image to get the latest security updates


April 17, 2023, 7:55 a.m.
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