Hasura - v2.19.0



MySQL support (alpha) (Cloud / Enterprise Edition only)

We’re delighted to release the alpha version of our MySQL data connector, that supports queries, table relationships and
permissions for MySQL databases version 8.0 and higher. For more information on how to set this up, please see
our docs. This data connector has been built using Hasura GraphQL Engine Data Connectors.

Note: The previous MySQL preview implementation has been deprecated in favor of this new implementation.

Behaviour changes

  • Query Tags will no longer include the request_id field by default. This can be changed by setting the value of the omit_request_id field in the set_query_tags command to false, but is not recommended when Prepared Statements are enabled. (Cloud / Enterprise Edition only)

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fix a race condition in the metadata update logic which could cause metadata updates (of any kind) to be silently reverted
  • Fix nullable field omitted from action response if not present in the webhook response
  • Log cron triggers fetched for event generation within 10-minute timeframe under cron-event-generator-process log type.
  • Make pg_run_sql as an alias of run_sql
  • Fix suggestion issue with the *_suggest_relationships metadata API.
  • Increase the granularity of interpretation of the omit_tracked argument to *_suggest_relationships API
  • Add a content-length response header to all endpoints
  • Improve phrasing for the "conflicting type definitions" error message


  • Add suggested relationships (foreign keys based) to the new table relationships page
  • Remove the GraphQL Data Connectors experimental feature flag.
  • Allow creating remote joins from and to the same remote schema
  • Fix the export data dropdown menu visibility on browse rows page
  • Fix suggested relationship name creation
  • Add streamlined UX for creating and maintaining database relationships. This feature can be enabled by a feature flag in the settings menu.
  • Fix the issue with the edit connection form for GDC sources not populated with the saved values.
  • Fix edit row when the column is "generated always" (fix #9389)

Data Connectors

  • Add check to verify that source in header and jdbc_url line up with the request path. (Cloud / Enterprise Edition only)
  • Bugfix for failure of the super-connector to properly order results based on a single column aggregate. (Cloud / Enterprise Edition only)
  • Single column aggregates in query API requests now include the scalar type of the result of the aggregation function


Feb. 16, 2023, 7:32 a.m.
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