Hasura - v2.4.0


  • server: add custom function for case insensitive lookup in session variable in request transformation (#7953)
  • server: add metadata inconsistency information in reload_metadata API call (#8129)
  • server: Webhook Transforms can now delete request/response bodies explicitly. (#7937)
  • server: Fix truncation of session variables with variable length column types in MSSQL (#8158)
  • server: improve performance of replace_metadata for large schemas
  • server: improve baseline memory consumption for typical workloads
  • server: fix parsing timestamp values in BigQuery backends (fix #8076)
  • server: add support for customising the GraphQL schema descriptions of table root fields
  • server: add a request_headers field to the test_webhook_transform API.
  • console: include cron trigger with include in metadata as false on cron trigger manage page (#8017)
  • console: show an error notification if Hasura CLI migrations fail
  • console: fixed an issue where cron triggers were not removed from the list after deletion (#7496)
  • console: only show tables from current schema in clone permissions section
  • console: provide checkbox to remove body in rest connectors (#7937 )
  • cli: fix metadata version being set to 3 when doing hasura init --version 2 (#8148)


March 31, 2022, 1:38 a.m.
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