Hasura - v2.7.0


Streaming subscriptions

Streaming subscriptions can be used to subscribe only to the data which has been changed in the
query. The streaming is done on the basis of a cursor, which is chosen by the user.
See docs.

Request payload:

subscription GetUserLatestMessages ($user_id: uuid!) {
  messages_stream (
    cursor: {
      initial_value: {id: 0}, 
      ordering: ASC
    batch_size: 1, 
    where: {user_id: {_eq: $user_id}} 
  ) {

The above subscription streams the messages of the user corresponding to the user_id in batches of 1 message per batch.

Suppose there are two messages to be streamed, then the server will send two responses as following:

Response 1:

  "data": [
      "id": 1,
      "message": "How are you!"

Response 2:

  "data": [
      "id": 5,
      "message": "I am fine"

Bug fixes and improvements

  • server: add support for MSSQL event triggers (#7228)
  • server: update pg_dump to be compatible with postgres 14 (#7676)
  • server: fix bug where timestamp values sent to postgres would erroneously trim leading zeroes (#8096)
  • server: fix metadata handling bug when event triggers were defined on tables that contained non lower-case alphabet characters (#8454)
  • server: avoid encoding 'varchar' values to UTF8 in MSSQL backends
  • server: fix dropping of nested typed null fields in actions (#8237)
  • server: fix url/query date variable parsing bug in REST endpoints
  • server: make url/query variables in REST endpoints assume string if other types not applicable
  • server: fix inserting empty objects with default values to postgres, citus, and sql server (#8475)
  • server: don't drop the SQL triggers defined by the graphql-engine when DDL changes are made using the run_sql API
  • console: new "add remote schema" page with GQL customization
  • console: allow users to remove prefix / suffix / root field namespace from a remote schema
  • console: fix console crash on adding pg sources with connection params through api (#8416)
  • cli: avoid exporting hasura-specific schemas during hasura init (#8352)
  • cli: fix performance regression in migrate status command (#8398)


May 25, 2022, 3:46 p.m.
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