Hasura - v2.38.0


Behaviour changes

  • Add automatic quoting to Native Query parameters for Snowflake. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)

Note that this may affect existing Native Queries in contexts where query authors have manually added quotes around parameter injection sites; removing the manual quotes should resolve this issue.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Add the ability to force refresh of dynamic db connection strings. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)

When the HASURA_SECRETS_BLOCKING_FORCE_REFRESH_URL env var is defined, then on retry Hasura will post this payload to the URL:

  {"filename": <path>}

Crucially it is assumed that the Hasura server only returns after the referenced secret file has been updated.
- Ignore dynamic headers x-real-ip, x-forwarded-for, true-client-ip while generating cache keys. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)


  • Fix console crash when using Native Queries in an array relationship.
  • Add ClickHouse and Trino database logos. Fix an issue where some logos may not have been displaying correctly for data-connector backed databases.

Data Connectors

  • In the JVM connection pool, validate connections when borrowing them. This prevents the issue where, for example, the DB server is terminated and the pool is unaware that the connection is in an invalid state, leading to errors.
  • Inline query parameters in output generated by the GraphiQL Analyze button (i.e. the Explain API). Also, use dialect-specific SQL based on the current connector rather than a default/generic dialect.


March 24, 2024, 3:06 p.m.
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