Hasura - v2.20.0



Import Action from OpenAPI (GA) (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)

Import Action from OpenAPI is used to easily create Hasura actions from an OpenAPI specification. You can upload the OpenAPI specification and create actions from the endpoints defined in the specification.


Read more in the docs or in the RFC.

Behaviour changes

  • Checks the Agent availability when adding Data Connector Agents to the metadata. The check can be skipped by adding setting the optional field skip_check to true.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Accept an optional strict URL parameter in /healthz endpoint with either false (default) or true value.
    In strict mode, the /healthz endpoint returns 500 status code if the server is running with inconsistent metadata.
  • Add warning to the response of replace_metadata API when something unexpected but non-fatal happens e.g. source is not available when event triggers are dropped.
  • Properly quote delimited identifiers in SQL Server.


  • Fix API explorer error highlighting (fix #9470).
  • Filter out Views from select table dropdown while creating event trigger.
  • Use naming convention for suggested relationships
  • Allow executing SQL queries in read only mode via console
  • Fix latency check error that pops up after adding Snowflake/Athena/MySQL sources. (Cloud / Enterprise edition only)
  • Unify webhook handler experience for action, remote schemas and events
  • Updated design for top header menu.
  • Updated design for the settings sidebar.
  • Support suffix on TLS allow list.


  • Add contextual information of errors in debug logs (--log-level debug).
  • Support for BigQuery sources in the CLI Console.

Data Connectors

  • Mutation support added to SQLite Data-Connector.


March 1, 2023, 1:18 p.m.
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