Ethereum (Go) - v1.13.5

Geth v1.13.5 is a scheduled maintenance release fixing a potential data corruption in path scheme which could occur due to a power failure (i.e. entire OS / machine crash).

  • Extend ethclient and the simulated backend to allow eth_call against specific block hashes (#28084).
  • Downgrade annoying stale transaction propagation logs from warning to debug (#28364).
  • Switch to the new KZG trusted setup parameters (#28383).
  • Return an error on GraphQL if querying invalid block ranges (#28393, #28412).
  • Start publishing Apple Silicon pre-built binaries (#28474, #28475).

And bugfixes:

  • Fix a number of corner-cases in path scheme state management (#28198, #28426, #28483).
  • Fix an issue when allocating excessively large Pebble caches (#28444).
  • Fix a potential snap sync issue with the path based storage (#28327).
  • Fix ethclient to properly forwarding explicit 1559 gas caps (#28462).
  • Fix gas estimation for 0 priced txs accessing the basefee (#28470).
  • Fix an issue where resubscribing to events would hang (#28359).
  • Fix ethstats transaction count report regressiob (#28398).
  • Fix negative number encoding in ethclient/rpc (#28358).
  • Fix GraphQL content type in the response (#28417).

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.13.5 release milestone.

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:


Nov. 14, 2023, 12:05 p.m.
Carbonaceous (v1.13.5)
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