Ethereum (Go) - v1.10.19

Geth v1.10.19 is yet another feature release.

The release contains the Gray Glacier fork definition. The Gray Glacier fork is a difficulty-bomb postponement, which is expected to go live on Ethereum Mainnet towards the end of June.

In other words: all users are required to upgrade before the Gray Glacier hardfork activates at block 15050000 (#25088)

Changes which may cause incompatibilities:

  • The engine API is now only available with JWT authentication.
  • Geth will refuse to start if legacy receipts are present in the database. The check can be disabled with --ignore-legacy-receipts, but we strongly recommend you run the conversion in this case (#24943).
  • The RPC method debug_traceCall will now reject execution against the pending block (#24871).
  • RPC timer metrics have been changed into histograms (#25044).

Other changes in this release:

  • Updates related to The Merge on Ropsten, which is now a proof-of-stake network (#25018, #24975, #25078)!
  • The debug_traceCall RPC method now also supports block overrides; making fields like timestamp or the block number settable by the caller (#24871).
  • A new diagnostic tool, geth snapshot inspect-account, allows investigations of snapshot data (#24765).
  • Fixes and preparatory work related to The Merge (#24946, #25006, #24955, #24997).
  • Preparatory work for the upcoming path-based trie storage feature (#24750).
  • Introduce eth/67 protocol, dopping support for GetNodeData (#24093).
  • Optimizations related to block processing (#23500, #24958, #24616).
  • Tests/fuzzing improvements (#25033, #25038, #25037, #25036, #25016, #24249 #24928).
  • Many updates to documentation (#25086, #25058, #25057, #25056, #25040, #25032).
  • Nicer format when showing chain config (#24904).

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.10.19 release milestone.

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:


June 15, 2022, 12:57 p.m.
Camaron (v1.10.19)
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