Ethereum (Go) - v1.11.3

This is a minor release, fixing a couple of issues and enabling the Shanghai upgrade on Goerli at block timestamp 1678832736 (#26795).

:warning: If you are running Goerli, this is a required update.

Minimum Go version

In accordance with our policy to only support the newest two versions of Go, we have changed the minimum required compiler version to Go 1.19 (#26803).


In v1.11.0 we released Pebble support (guarded by the --db.engine=pebble flag). Thanks to everyone testing it! We found and fixed a few issues:

  • You can now set more than 4 GB in --cache when using Pebble. (#26776)
  • Range compaction now works correctly for Pebble. (#26771)
  • Pebble support is disabled on OpenBSD to resolve a compilation error. (#26801)

RPC changes

  • Add support for Parity-style flat traces with the new built-in flatCallTracer. (#26377)
  • The callTracer now reports a null address for failed contract creation operations. (#26779)
  • head and difficulty have been removed in admin_peerInfo responses. (#26804)

Other fixes

  • types.Receipt now contains the EffectiveGasPrice of the transaction, so you can get the true gas price using the TransactionReceipt method of ethclient. (#26713)
  • ethclient no longer panics when requesting missing blocks. This fixes a regression introduced in v1.11.2. (#26817)
  • ethclient now returns block withdrawals, if present. (#26778)
  • During building of new blocks, failed transactions no longer count towards used block gas, improving block space utilization. (#26799)
  • Faster crawling time for the DNS crawler (#26685)
  • Use the last announced finalized block instead of LES CHT for the ancient limit (#26685)
  • CPU usage metrics (geth.system/cpu/*) are more accurate (#26793)

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.11.3 release milestone.

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:


March 7, 2023, 5:18 p.m.
Spekilas (v1.11.3)
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