Ethereum (Go) - v1.12.0

Geth v1.12.0 is a potentially breaking change, hence it was deemed to deserve version bump, to 1.12.

The v1.12 release family drops support for proof-of-work, and thus can not be used any more on PoW-based private chains, or as an upstream library for projects depending on ethash PoW (#27178, #27147).

In our GraphQL API, a breaking change is that all numeric values are now encoded as hex strings (#26894). The internal GraphQL UI was updated to version 2.0. (#27294).

Regarding our move from leveldb to pebble, Geth now defaults to use Pebble as a backend if no existing database is found (#27136). If a previous LevelDB database exists Geth will keep using that, and if you must have LevelDB for some compatibility reasons, you can force it in Geth with the --db.backend=leveldb flag.

We have made progress on "EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions" (#27257, #27256, #27155, #27049), beacon light sync (#27292), and path-based state storage (#27176, #26813) but neither is finished as of yet.

Other improvements:
- Add block overrides to eth_call (#26414)
- Make batched state-test execution possible (#27318)

Assorted bugfixes:
- Do not ignore null address while iterative dump (#27320)
- Fix flatCallTracer crasher (#27304)
- Prevent pebble shutdown-panic (#27238)
- Make websocket use default "HTTP_PROXY" by default (#27264)
- Make eth_estimateGas use latest block by default (#24363)
- Add txHash field on txTraceResult (#27183)
- Fix crash on querying finalized block (#27162)

For a full rundown of the changes please consult the Geth 1.12.0 release milestone.

As with all our previous releases, you can find the:


May 25, 2023, 10:02 a.m.
Krogam DMZ (v1.12.0)
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