Consul - v1.16.3


1.16.3 (October 31, 2023)



  • Mesh Gateways: Fix a bug where replicated and peered mesh gateways with hostname-based WAN addresses fail to initialize. [GH-19268]
  • api-gateway: fix matching for different hostnames on the same listener [GH-19120]
  • api: add custom marshal/unmarshal for ServiceResolverConfigEntry.RequestTimeout so config entries that set this field can be read using the API. [GH-19031]
  • ca: Fix bug with Vault CA provider where renewing a retracted token would cause retries in a tight loop, degrading performance. [GH-19285]
  • ca: Fix bug with Vault CA provider where token renewal goroutines could leak if CA failed to initialize. [GH-19285]
  • ca: ensure Vault CA provider respects Vault Enterprise namespace configuration. [GH-19095]
  • catalog api: fixes a bug with catalog api where filter query parameter was not working correctly for the /v1/catalog/services endpoint [GH-18322]
  • connect: Fix bug where uncleanly closed xDS connections would influence connection balancing for too long and prevent envoy instances from starting. Two new configuration fields
    performance.grpc_keepalive_timeout and performance.grpc_keepalive_interval now exist to allow for configuration on how often these dead connections will be cleaned up. [GH-19339]
  • dns: (Enterprise only) Fix bug where sameness group queries did not correctly inherit the agent's partition.
  • gateways: Fix a bug where a service in a peered datacenter could not access an external node service through a terminating gateway [GH-18959]
  • server: (Enterprise Only) Fixed an issue where snake case keys were rejected when configuring the control-plane-request-limit config entry


Oct. 31, 2023, 6:12 p.m.
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