Consul - v1.13.4

1.13.4 (November 30, 2022)


  • auto-config: Relax the validation on auto-config JWT authorization to allow non-whitespace, non-quote characters in node names. [GH-15370]
  • raft: Allow nonVoter to initiate an election to avoid having an election infinite loop when a Voter is converted to NonVoter [GH-14897]
  • raft: Cap maximum grpc wait time when heartbeating to heartbeatTimeout/2 [GH-14897]
  • raft: Fix a race condition where the snapshot file is closed without being opened [GH-14897]


  • agent: Fixed issue where blocking queries with short waits could timeout on the client [GH-15541]
  • ca: Fixed issue where using Vault as Connect CA with Vault-managed policies would error on start-up if the intermediate PKI mount existed but was empty [GH-15525]
  • connect: Fixed issue where using Vault 1.11+ as CA provider would eventually break Intermediate CAs [GH-15217] [GH-15253]
  • connect: fixed bug where endpoint updates for new xDS clusters could block for 15s before being sent to Envoy. [GH-15083]
  • connect: strip port from DNS SANs for ingress gateway leaf certificate to avoid an invalid hostname error when using the Vault provider. [GH-15320]
  • debug: fixed bug that caused consul debug CLI to error on ACL-disabled clusters [GH-15155]
  • deps: update go-memdb, fixing goroutine leak [GH-15010] [GH-15068]
  • namespace: (Enterprise Only) Fix a bug that caused blocking queries during namespace replication to timeout
  • namespace: (Enterprise Only) Fixed a bug where a client may incorrectly log that namespaces were not enabled in the local datacenter
  • peering: better represent non-passing states during peer check flattening [GH-15615]
  • peering: fix the error of wan address isn't taken by the peering token. [GH-15065]
  • peering: when wan address is set, peering stream should use the wan address. [GH-15108]


Nov. 30, 2022, 10:01 p.m.
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