Consul - v1.12.1

1.12.1 (May 25, 2022)


  • xds: Add the ability to invoke AWS Lambdas through sidecar proxies. [GH-12956]


  • config: introduce telemetry.retry_failed_connection in agent configuration to
    retry on failed connection to any telemetry backend. This prevents the agent from
    exiting if the given DogStatsD DNS name is unresolvable, for example. [GH-13091]
  • sentinel: (Enterprise Only) Sentinel now uses SHA256 to generate policy ids
  • xds: Envoy now inserts x-forwarded-client-cert for incoming proxy connections [GH-12878]


  • Fix a bug when configuring an add_headers directive named Host the header is not set for v1/internal/ui/metrics-proxy/ endpoint. [GH-13071]
  • api: Fix a bug that causes partition to be ignored when creating a namespace [GH-12845]
  • api: agent/self now returns version with +ent suffix for Enterprise Consul [GH-12961]
  • areas: (Enterprise Only) Fixes a bug when using Yamux pool ( for servers version 1.7.3 and later), the entire pool was locked while connecting to a remote location, which could potentially take a long time. [GH-1368]
  • ca: fix a bug that caused a non blocking leaf cert query after a blocking leaf cert query to block [GH-12820]
  • config: fix backwards compatibility bug where setting the (deprecated) top-level verify_incoming option would enable TLS client authentication on the gRPC port [GH-13118]
  • health: ensure /v1/health/service/:service endpoint returns the most recent results when a filter is used with streaming #12640 [GH-12640]
  • snapshot-agent: (Enterprise only) Fix a bug where providing the ACL token to the snapshot agent via a CLI or ENV variable without a license configured results in an error during license auto-retrieval.
  • ui: Re-instate '...' icon for row actions [GH-13183]


  • ci: change action to pull v1 instead of main [GH-12846]


May 26, 2022, 1:50 a.m.
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