Consul - v1.11.5


1.11.5 (April 13, 2022)


  • agent: Added a new check field, disable_redirects, that allows for disabling the following of redirects for HTTP checks. The intention is to default this to true in a future release so that redirects must explicitly be enabled. [GH-12685]
  • connect: Properly set SNI when configured for services behind a terminating gateway. [GH-12672]


  • agent: improve log messages when a service with a critical health check is deregistered due to exceeding the deregister_critical_service_after timeout [GH-12725]
  • xds: ensure that all connect timeout configs can apply equally to tproxy direct dial connections [GH-12711]


  • acl: (Enterprise Only) fixes a bug preventing ACL policies configured with datacenter restrictions from being created if the cluster had been upgraded to Consul 1.11+ from an earlier version.
  • connect/ca: cancel old Vault renewal on CA configuration. Provide a 1 - 6 second backoff on repeated token renewal requests to prevent overwhelming Vault. [GH-12607]
  • namespace: (Enterprise Only) Unreserve consul namespace to allow K8s namespace mirroring when deploying in consul K8s namespace .
  • raft: upgrade to v1.3.6 which fixes a bug where a read replica node could attempt bootstrapping raft and prevent other nodes from bootstrapping at all [GH-12496]
  • replication: Fixed a bug which could prevent ACL replication from continuing successfully after a leader election. [GH-12565]
  • server: fix spurious blocking query suppression for discovery chains [GH-12512]
  • ui: Fixes a visual bug where our loading icon can look cut off [GH-12479]
  • usagemetrics: (Enterprise only) Fix a bug where Consul usage metrics stopped being reported when upgrading servers from 1.10 to 1.11 or later.


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


April 14, 2022, 12:21 a.m.
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