Vault - 1.15.6


February 29, 2024


  • auth/cert: compare public keys of trusted non-CA certificates with incoming
    client certificates to prevent trusting certs with the same serial number
    but not the same public/private key. [GH-25649]


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.21.7.
  • secrets/openldap: Update plugin to v0.12.1 [GH-25524]


  • Manual License Utilization Reporting: Added manual license
    utilization reporting, which allows users to create manual exports of product-license [metering
    data] to report to Hashicorp.


  • auth/cert: Cache trusted certs to reduce memory usage and improve performance of logins. [GH-25421]
  • ui: Add deletion_allowed param to transformations and include tokenization as a type option [GH-25436]
  • ui: redirect back to current route after reauthentication when token expires [GH-25335]
  • ui: remove unnecessary OpenAPI calls for unmanaged auth methods [GH-25364]


  • agent: Fix issue where Vault Agent was unable to render KVv2 secrets with delete_version_after set. [GH-25387]
  • audit: Handle a potential panic while formatting audit entries for an audit log [GH-25605]
  • core (enterprise): Fix a deadlock that can occur on performance secondary clusters when there are many mounts and a mount is deleted or filtered [GH-25448]
  • core (enterprise): Fix a panic that can occur if only one seal exists but is unhealthy on the non-first restart of Vault.
  • core/quotas: Deleting a namespace that contains a rate limit quota no longer breaks replication [GH-25439]
  • openapi: Fixing response fields for rekey operations [GH-25509]
  • secrets/transit: When provided an invalid input with hash_algorithm=none, a lock was not released properly before reporting an error leading to deadlocks on a subsequent key configuration update. [GH-25336]
  • storage/file: Fixing spuriously deleting storage keys ending with .temp [GH-25395]
  • transform (enterprise): guard against a panic looking up a token in exportable mode with barrier storage.
  • ui: Do not disable JSON display toggle for KV version 2 secrets [GH-25235]
  • ui: Do not show resultant-acl banner on namespaces a user has access to [GH-25256]
  • ui: Fix copy button not working on masked input when value is not a string [GH-25269]
  • ui: Update the KV secret data when you change the version you're viewing of a nested secret. [GH-25152]


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


Feb. 29, 2024, midnight
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