Vault - 1.15.3

November 30, 2023


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.21.4.


  • core (enterprise): Speed up unseal when using namespaces
  • core: update sys/seal-status (and CLI vault status) to report the type of
    the seal when unsealed, as well as the type of the recovery seal if an
    auto-seal. [GH-23022]
  • secrets/pki: do not check TLS validity on ACME requests redirected to https [GH-22521]
  • ui: Sort list view of entities and aliases alphabetically using the item name [GH-24103]
  • ui: capabilities-self is always called in the user's root namespace [GH-24168]


  • activity log (enterprise): De-duplicate client count estimates for license utilization reporting.
  • auth/cert: Handle errors related to expired OCSP server responses [GH-24193]
  • core (Enterprise): Treat multiple disabled HA seals as a migration to Shamir.
  • core/audit: Audit logging a Vault response will now use a 5 second context timeout, separate from the original request. [GH-24238]
  • core/config: Use correct HCL config value when configuring log_requests_level. [GH-24059]
  • core/quotas: Close rate-limit blocked client purge goroutines when sealing [GH-24108]
  • core: Fix an error that resulted in the wrong seal type being returned by sys/seal-status while
    Vault is in seal migration mode. [GH-24165]
  • replication (enterprise): disallow configuring paths filter for a mount path that does not exist
  • secrets-sync (enterprise): Fix panic when setting usage_gauge_period to none
  • secrets/pki: Do not set nextUpdate field in OCSP responses when ocsp_expiry is 0 [GH-24192]
  • secrets/transit: Fix a panic when attempting to export a public RSA key [GH-24054]
  • ui: Fix JSON editor in KV V2 unable to handle pasted values [GH-24224]
  • ui: Fix error when tuning token auth configuration within namespace [GH-24147]
  • ui: show error from API when seal fails [GH-23921]


Nov. 30, 2023, midnight
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