Vault - 1.11.6

November 30, 2022


  • secrets/pki: Allow issuer creation, import to change default issuer via default_follows_latest_issuer. [GH-17824]


  • auth/okta: fix a panic for AuthRenew in Okta [GH-18011]
  • auth: Deduplicate policies prior to ACL generation [GH-17914]
  • cli: Fix issue preventing kv commands from executing properly when the mount path provided by -mount flag and secret key path are the same. [GH-17679]
  • core/quotas (enterprise): Fix a lock contention issue that could occur and cause Vault to become unresponsive when creating, changing, or deleting lease count quotas.
  • core: Fix potential deadlock if barrier ciphertext is less than 4 bytes. [GH-17944]
  • core: fix a start up race condition where performance standbys could go into a
    mount loop if default policies are not yet synced from the active node. [GH-17801]
  • secret/pki: fix bug with initial legacy bundle migration (from < 1.11 into 1.11+) and missing issuers from ca_chain [GH-17772]
  • secrets/azure: add WAL to clean up role assignments if errors occur [GH-18085]
  • secrets/gcp: Fixes duplicate service account key for rotate root on standby or secondary [GH-18110]
  • ui: Fixes issue with not being able to download raft snapshot via service worker [GH-17769]
  • ui: fix entity policies list link to policy show page [GH-17950]


Nov. 30, 2022, midnight
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