Vault - 1.9.5

April 22, 2022


  • core: A request that fails path validation due to relative path check will now be responded to with a 400 rather than 500. [GH-14328]
  • core: Bump Go version to 1.17.9. [GH-15045]


  • auth/ldap: Add username_as_alias configurable to change how aliases are named [GH-14324]
  • core: Systemd unit file included with the Linux packages now sets the service type to notify. [GH-14385]
  • sentinel (enterprise): Upgrade sentinel to v0.18.5 to avoid potential naming collisions in the remote installer
  • website/docs: added a link to an Enigma secret plugin. [GH-14389]


  • api/sys/raft: Update RaftSnapshotRestore to use net/http client allowing bodies larger than allocated memory to be streamed [GH-14269]
  • api: Respect increment value in grace period calculations in LifetimeWatcher [GH-14836]
  • auth/approle: Add maximum length for input values that result in SHA56 HMAC calculation [GH-14746]
  • cassandra: Update gocql Cassandra client to fix "no hosts available in the pool" error [GH-14973]
  • cli: Fix panic caused by parsing key=value fields whose value is a single backslash [GH-14523]
  • core (enterprise): Allow local alias create RPCs to persist alias metadata
  • core/metrics: Fix incorrect table size metric for local mounts [GH-14755]
  • core: Fix panic caused by parsing JSON integers for fields defined as comma-delimited integers [GH-15072]
  • core: Fix panic caused by parsing JSON integers for fields defined as comma-delimited strings [GH-14522]
  • core: Fix panic caused by parsing policies with empty slice values. [GH-14501]
  • core: Fix panic for help request URL paths without /v1/ prefix [GH-14704]
  • core: fixing excessive unix file permissions [GH-14791]
  • core: fixing excessive unix file permissions on dir, files and archive created by vault debug command [GH-14846]
  • core: report unused or redundant keys in server configuration [GH-14752]
  • core: time.After() used in a select statement can lead to memory leak [GH-14814]
  • identity/token: Fixes a bug where duplicate public keys could appear in the .well-known JWKS [GH-14543]
  • metrics/autosnapshots (enterprise) : Fix bug that could cause to not be incremented when there is an
    autosnapshot save error.
  • replication (enterprise): fix panic due to missing entity during invalidation of local aliases. [GH-14622]
  • ui: Fix Generated Token's Policies helpText to clarify that comma separated values are not excepted in this field. [GH-15046]
  • ui: Fix issue where UI incorrectly handled API errors when mounting backends [GH-14551]
  • ui: Fixes caching issue on kv new version create [GH-14489]
  • ui: Fixes edit auth method capabilities issue [GH-14966]
  • ui: Fixes issue logging out with wrapped token query parameter [GH-14329]
  • ui: Fixes issue with correct auth method not selected when logging out from OIDC or JWT methods [GH-14545]
  • ui: Redirects to managed namespace if incorrect namespace in URL param [GH-14422]
  • ui: fix search-select component showing blank selections when editing group member entity [GH-15058]
  • ui: masked values no longer give away length or location of special characters [GH-15025]


April 22, 2022, midnight
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