Vault - 1.12.6

April 26, 2023


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.19.8.


  • cli/namespace: Add detailed flag to output additional namespace information
    such as namespace IDs and custom metadata. [GH-20243]
  • core/activity: add an endpoint to write test activity log data, guarded by a build flag [GH-20019]
  • core: Add a raft sub-field to the storage and ha_storage details provided by the
    /sys/config/state/sanitized endpoint in order to include the max_entry_size. [GH-20044]
  • sdk/ldaputil: added connection_timeout to tune connection timeout duration
    for all LDAP plugins. [GH-20144]
  • secrets/pki: Decrease size and improve compatibility of OCSP responses by removing issuer certificate. [GH-20201]


  • auth/ldap: Add max_page_size configurable to LDAP configuration [GH-19032]
  • command/server: Fix incorrect paths in generated config for -dev-tls flag on Windows [GH-20257]
  • core (enterprise): Fix intermittent issue with token entries sometimes not being found when using a newly created token in a request to a secondary, even when SSCT new_token forwarding is set. When this occurred, this would result in the following error to the client: error performing token check: no lease entry found for token that ought to have one, possible eventual consistency issue.
  • core (enterprise): Fix read on perf standbys failing with 412 after leadership change, unseal, restores or restarts when no writes occur
  • core/ssct (enterprise): Fixed race condition where a newly promoted DR may revert sscGenCounter
    resulting in 412 errors.
  • core: Fix regression breaking non-raft clusters whose nodes share the same cluster_addr/api_addr. [GH-19721]
  • helper/random: Fix race condition in string generator helper [GH-19875]
  • kmip (enterprise): Fix a problem decrypting with keys that have no Process Start Date attribute.
  • openapi: Fix many incorrect details in generated API spec, by using better techniques to parse path regexps [GH-18554]
  • pki: Fix automatically turning off CRL signing on upgrade to Vault >= 1.12, if CA Key Usage disallows it [GH-20220]
  • replication (enterprise): Fix a caching issue when replicating filtered data to
    a performance secondary. This resulted in the data being set to nil in the cache
    and a "invalid value" error being returned from the API.
  • replication (enterprise): Fix replication status for Primary clusters showing its primary cluster's information (in case of DR) in secondaries field when known_secondaries field is nil
  • secrets/pki: Fix patching of leaf_not_after_behavior on issuers. [GH-20341]
  • secrets/transform (enterprise): Address SQL connection leak when cleaning expired tokens
  • ui: Fix OIDC provider logo showing when domain doesn't match [GH-20263]
  • ui: Fix bad link to namespace when namespace name includes . [GH-19799]
  • ui: fixes browser console formatting for help command output [GH-20064]
  • ui: remove use of htmlSafe except when first sanitized [GH-20235]


April 26, 2023, midnight
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