Vault - 1.15.1

October 25, 2023


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.21.3.


  • api/plugins: add tls-server-name arg for plugin registration [GH-23549]
  • auto-auth/azure: Support setting the authenticate_from_environment variable to "true" and "false" string literals, too. [GH-22996]
  • secrets-sync (enterprise): Added telemetry on number of destinations and associations per type.
  • ui: Adds a warning when whitespace is detected in a key of a KV secret [GH-23702]
  • ui: Adds toggle to KV secrets engine value download modal to optionally stringify value in downloaded file [GH-23747]
  • ui: Surface warning banner if UI has stopped auto-refreshing token [GH-23143]
  • ui: show banner when resultant-acl check fails due to permissions or wrong namespace. [GH-23503]


  • Seal HA (enterprise/beta): Fix rejection of a seal configuration change
    from two to one auto seal due to persistence of the previous seal type being
    "multiseal". [GH-23573]
  • audit: Fix bug reopening 'file' audit devices on SIGHUP. [GH-23598]
  • auth/aws: Fixes a panic that can occur in IAM-based login when a client config does not exist. [GH-23555]
  • command/server: Fix bug with sigusr2 where pprof files were not closed correctly [GH-23636]
  • events: Ignore sending context to give more time for events to send [GH-23500]
  • expiration: Prevent large lease loads from delaying state changes, e.g. becoming active or standby. [GH-23282]
  • kmip (enterprise): Improve handling of failures due to storage replication issues.
  • kmip (enterprise): Return a structure in the response for query function Query Server Information.
  • mongo-db: allow non-admin database for root credential rotation [GH-23240]
  • replication (enterprise): Fix a bug where undo logs would only get enabled on the initial node in a cluster.
  • replication (enterprise): Fix a missing unlock when changing replication state
  • secrets-sync (enterprise): Fixed issue where we could sync a deleted secret
  • secrets/aws: update credential rotation deadline when static role rotation period is updated [GH-23528]
  • secrets/consul: Fix revocations when Vault has an access token using specific namespace and admin partition policies [GH-23010]
  • secrets/pki: Stop processing in-flight ACME verifications when an active node steps down [GH-23278]
  • secrets/transit (enterprise): Address an issue using sign/verify operations with managed keys returning an error about it not containing a private key
  • secrets/transit (enterprise): Address panic when using GCP,AWS,Azure managed keys for encryption operations. At this time all encryption operations for the cloud providers have been disabled, only signing operations are supported.
  • secrets/transit (enterprise): Apply hashing arguments and defaults to managed key sign/verify operations
  • secrets/transit: Do not allow auto rotation on managed_key key types [GH-23723]
  • storage/consul: fix a bug where an active node in a specific sort of network
    partition could continue to write data to Consul after a new leader is elected
    potentially causing data loss or corruption for keys with many concurrent
    writers. For Enterprise clusters this could cause corruption of the merkle trees
    leading to failure to complete merkle sync without a full re-index. [GH-23013]
  • ui: Assumes version 1 for kv engines when options are null because no version is specified [GH-23585]
  • ui: Decode the connection url for display on the connection details page [GH-23695]
  • ui: Fix AWS secret engine to allow empty policy_document field. [GH-23470]
  • ui: Fix bug where auth items were not listed when within a namespace. [GH-23446]
  • ui: Fix regression that broke the oktaNumberChallenge on the ui. [GH-23565]
  • ui: Fix the copy token button in the sidebar navigation window when in a collapsed state. [GH-23331]
  • ui: Fixes issue where you could not share the list view URL from the KV v2 secrets engine. [GH-23620]
  • ui: Fixes issue with sidebar navigation links disappearing when navigating to policies when a user is not authorized [GH-23516]
  • ui: Fixes issues displaying accurate TLS state in dashboard configuration details [GH-23726]


Oct. 25, 2023, midnight
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