Vault - 1.12.4

March 01, 2023


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.19.6.


  • secrets/database: Adds error message requiring password on root crednetial rotation. [GH-19103]
  • ui: remove wizard [GH-19220]


  • auth/approle: Add nil check for the secret ID entry when deleting via secret id accessor preventing cross role secret id deletion [GH-19186]
  • core (enterprise): Fix panic when using invalid accessor for control-group request
  • core (enterprise): Fix perf standby WAL streaming silently failures when replication setup happens at a bad time.
  • core: Prevent panics in sys/leases/lookup, sys/leases/revoke, and sys/leases/renew endpoints if provided lease_id is null [GH-18951]
  • license (enterprise): Fix bug where license would update even if the license didn't change.
  • replication (enterprise): Fix bug where reloading external plugin on a secondary would
    break replication.
  • secrets/ad: Fix bug where config couldn't be updated unless binddn/bindpass were included in the update. [GH-18207]
  • secrets/pki: Revert fix for PR 18938 [GH-19037]
  • server/config: Use file.Stat when checking file permissions when VAULT_ENABLE_FILE_PERMISSIONS_CHECK is enabled [GH-19311]
  • ui (enterprise): Fix cancel button from transform engine role creation page [GH-19135]
  • ui: Fix bug where logging in via OIDC fails if browser is in fullscreen mode [GH-19071]
  • ui: fixes reliance on secure context (https) by removing methods using the Crypto interface [GH-19410]
  • ui: show Get credentials button for static roles detail page when a user has the proper permissions. [GH-19190]


March 1, 2023, midnight
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