Vault - 1.12.2

November 30, 2022


  • core: Bump Go version to 1.19.3.
  • plugins: Mounts can no longer be pinned to a specific builtin version. Mounts previously pinned to a specific builtin version will now automatically upgrade to the latest builtin version, and may now be overridden if an unversioned plugin of the same name and type is registered. Mounts using plugin versions without builtin in their metadata remain unaffected. [GH-18051]


  • secrets/pki: Allow issuer creation, import to change default issuer via default_follows_latest_issuer. [GH-17824]
  • storage/raft: Add retry_join_as_non_voter config option. [GH-18030]


  • auth/okta: fix a panic for AuthRenew in Okta [GH-18011]
  • auth: Deduplicate policies prior to ACL generation [GH-17914]
  • cli: Fix issue preventing kv commands from executing properly when the mount path provided by -mount flag and secret key path are the same. [GH-17679]
  • core (enterprise): Supported storage check in vault server command will no longer prevent startup. Instead, a warning will be logged if configured to use storage backend other than raft or consul.
  • core/quotas (enterprise): Fix a lock contention issue that could occur and cause Vault to become unresponsive when creating, changing, or deleting lease count quotas.
  • core: Fix potential deadlock if barrier ciphertext is less than 4 bytes. [GH-17944]
  • core: fix a start up race condition where performance standbys could go into a
    mount loop if default policies are not yet synced from the active node. [GH-17801]
  • plugins: Only report deprecation status for builtin plugins. [GH-17816]
  • plugins: Vault upgrades will no longer fail if a mount has been created using an explicit builtin plugin version. [GH-18051]
  • secret/pki: fix bug with initial legacy bundle migration (from < 1.11 into 1.11+) and missing issuers from ca_chain [GH-17772]
  • secrets/azure: add WAL to clean up role assignments if errors occur [GH-18086]
  • secrets/gcp: Fixes duplicate service account key for rotate root on standby or secondary [GH-18111]
  • secrets/pki: Fix upgrade of missing expiry, delta_rebuild_interval by setting them to the default. [GH-17693]
  • ui: Fixes issue with not being able to download raft snapshot via service worker [GH-17769]
  • ui: fix entity policies list link to policy show page [GH-17950]


Nov. 30, 2022, midnight
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