Open Policy Agent - v0.49.1


This is a bug fix release addressing the following Golang security issues:

Golang security fix CVE-2022-41723

A maliciously crafted HTTP/2 stream could cause excessive CPU consumption in the HPACK decoder, sufficient to cause a
denial of service from a small number of small requests.

Golang security fix CVE-2022-41724

Large handshake records may cause panics in crypto/tls. Both clients and servers may send large TLS handshake records
which cause servers and clients, respectively, to panic when attempting to construct responses.

Golang security fix CVE-2022-41722

A path traversal vulnerability exists in filepath.Clean on Windows. On Windows, the filepath.Clean function could
transform an invalid path such as "a/../c:/b" into the valid path "c:". This transformation of a relative
(if invalid) path into an absolute path could enable a directory traversal attack.
After fix, the filepath.Clean function transforms this path into the relative (but still invalid) path ".


Feb. 21, 2023, 11:51 p.m.
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