Open Policy Agent - v0.47.0

This release contains a mix of bugfixes, optimizations, and new features.

New Built-in Function: object.keys

It is now possible to conveniently retrieve an object's keys via a built-in function.

Before, you had to resort to constructs like


keys[k] {
    _ = input[k]

allow if "my_key" in keys

Now, you can simply do


allow if "my_key" in object.keys(input)

See the documentation for all details.

Implemented by @kevinswiber.

New Built-in Function: AWS Signature v4 Request Signing

It is now possible to use a built-in function to prepare a request with a signature, so that it can be used with AWS endpoints that use request signing for authentication.

See this example:

req := {"method": "get", "url": ""}
aws_config := {
    "aws_access_key": "MYAWSACCESSKEYGOESHERE",
    "aws_secret_access_key": "MYAWSSECRETACCESSKEYGOESHERE",
    "aws_service": "s3",
    "aws_region": "us-east-1",
example_verify_resource {
    resp := http.send(, aws_config, time.now_ns()))
    # process response from AWS ...

See the documentation on the new built-in for all details.

Reported by @jicowan and implemented by @philipaconrad.

Performance improvements for object.get and in operator

Before, using object.get and in had come with a performance penalty that wasn't to be expected just from the look of the calls: Since they have been implemented using built-in functions (obvious for object.get, not obvious for "admin" in input.user.roles), all of their operands had to be read from the store (if applicable) and converted into AST types.

Now, we use shallow references ("lazy objects") for store reads in the evaluator. In these two cases, this can bring huge performance improvements, when the object argument of these two calls is a ref into the base document (like data.users):

object.get(data.roles, input.role, [])
{ "id": 12 } in data.users

Tooling, SDK, and Runtime

  • opa eval: Added --strict to enable strict code checking in evaluation (#5182) authored by @Parsifal-M
  • opa fmt: Remove { true } block following else head
  • opa fmt: Generate new wildcards for else and chained function heads in the parser (#5347). This fixes superfluous
    introductions of _1 instead of _ in when formatting functions that use wildcard arguments, like f(_) := true.
  • opa fmt: Fix assignment rewrite in else formatting (#5348)
  • OCI Download: Set auth credentials only if needed (#5212) authored by @carabasdaniel
  • Server: Differentiate between "missing" and "undefined doc" in default decision (#5344)

Topdown and Rego

  • http.send: Fix interquery cache size calculation with concurrent requests (#5359) reported and authored by @asleire
  • http.send: Remove socket query param for unix sockets (#5313) reported and authored by @michivi
  • Annotations: Add type coercion guards to avoid panics (#5368)
  • Compiler: Provide more accurate error locations for some with unused vars (#4238)
  • Optimization: Read lazy objects from the store (#5325). This improves the performance of x in and object.get(, ...) calls significantly.
  • Partial Evaluation: Skip comprehensions when checking eqs in copy propagation (#5367). This fixes a bug when optimization on bundles would change the outcome of the subsequent evaluation.
  • Parser: Fix else error handling with ref heads -- errors had occurred at a later stage then desired, because an edge case slipped through the earlier check.
  • Planner/IR: Fix ref heads processing -- the CallDynamic optimization wasn't planned properly; a bug introduced with ref heads.


  • Builtins: Mention base64 URL encoding specifically (#5406) reported by @phi1010
  • Builtins: Include behavior with sets in json.patch (#5328)
  • Comparison: small fix to table to match sample code and other tables (authored by @anlandu)
  • Builtins: Document reference timestamp behavior for time.parse_ns
  • Typo fixes, authored by @deining
  • Golang integration: update example code, move SDK above low-level packages

Website + Ecosystem

  • Ecosystem:
  • Add Easegress (authored by @localvar)
  • Add Terraform Cloud
  • Website: Updated Footer Color (#5254), reported and authored by @UtkarshMishra12
  • Website: Add "canonical" link to latest to help with SEO and ancient pages being returned by search engines.
  • Website: Add experimental "OPA version" badge. (Still needs to be tested more thorougly before advertisting it.)


  • Dependency bumps: Notably, we're now using wasmtime-go v3
  • CI fixes:
  • Move performance tests to nightly tests
  • CLI: add simple bundle build tests
  • Nightly: Revamp how we're doing fuzz testing


Dec. 5, 2022, 9:28 a.m.
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