Open Policy Agent - v0.46.1

This is bugfix release to resolve an issue in the release pipeline. Everything else is
the same as 0.46.0, which contains a mix of bugfixes, optimizations, and new features:

New language feature: refs in rule heads

With this version of OPA, we can use a shorthand for defining deeply-nested structures
in Rego:

Before, we had to use multiple packages, and hence multiple files to define a structure
like this:

  "method": {
    "get": {
      "allowed": true
    "post": {
      "allowed": true
package method.get
default allowed := false
allowed { ... }
default allowed := false
allowed { ... }

Now, we can define those rules in single package (and file):

package method
import future.keywords.if
default get.allowed := false
get.allowed if { ... }

default post.allowed := false
post.allowed if { ... }

Note that in this example, the use of the future keyword if is mandatory
for backwards-compatibility: without it, get.allowed would be interpreted
as get["allowed"], a definition of a partial set rule.

Currently, variables may only appear in the last part of the rule head:

package method
import future.keywords.if

endpoints[ep].allowed if ep := "/v1/data" # invalid
repos.get.endpoint[x] if x := "/v1/data" # valid

The valid rule defines this structure:

  "method": {
    "repos": {
      "get": {
        "endpoint": {
          "/v1/data": true

To define a nested key-value pair, we would use

package method
import future.keywords.if

repos.get.endpoint[x] = y if {
  x := "/v1/data"
  y := "example"

Multi-value rules (previously referred to as "partial set rules") that are
nested like this need to use contains future keyword, to differentiate them
from the "last part is a variable" case mentioned just above:

package method
import future.keywords.contains

repos.get.endpoint contains x if x := "/v1/data"

This rule defines the same structure, but with multiple values instead of a key:

  "method": {
    "repos": {
      "get": {
        "endpoint": ["/v1/data"]

To ensure that it's safe to build OPA policies for older OPA versions, a new
capabilities field was introduced: "features". It's a free-form string array:

  "features": [

If this key is not present, the compiler will reject ref-heads. This could be
case when building bundles for older OPA version using their capabilities.

Entrypoint annotations in rule metadata

It is now possible to annotate a rule with entrypoint: true, and it will
automatically be picked up by the tooling that expected --entrypoint (-e)
parameters before.

For example, to build this rego policy into a wasm module, you had to pass
an entrypoint:

package test
allow {
  • opa build --target wasm --entrypoint test/allow policy.rego

With the annotation:

package test

# entrypoint: true
allow {
  • opa build --target wasm policy.rego

The places where entrypoints are taken from metadata are:

  1. Building optimized bundles
  2. Building Wasm bundles
  3. Building Plan bundles
  4. Using optimization with opa eval

Knowing a module's entrypoints can also help in different analysis tasks.

New Built-in Functon: graphql.schema_is_valid

The new built-in allows checking schemas:

schema := `
  extend type User {
      id: ID!
  extend type Product {
      upc: String!
  union _Entity = Product | User
  extend type Query {
    entity: _Entity
valid_schema_example {

Requested by @olegroom.

New Built-in Functon: net.cidr_is_valid

The new built-in function allows checking if a string is a valid CIDR.

valid_cidr_example {

Authored by @ricardomaraschini.

Tooling, SDK, and Runtime

  • opa build: exit with failure on empty signing key (#4972) authored by @Joffref reported by @caldwecr
  • opa exec: add --fail and --fail-defined flags (#5007) authored by @byronic reported by @phantlantis
  • opa exec: convert slashes of explicit bundles (Windows) (#5134) reported by @peterchenadded
  • opa test: check coverage limit range [0, 100] (#5284) authored by @hzliangbin reported by @aholmis
  • opa build+opa check: respect capabilities for parsing, i.e. future keywords (#5323) reported by @TheLunaticScripter
  • opa bench --e2e: support providing OPA config (#4899)
  • opa eval: new explain mode, --explain=debug, that includes unifcations in traces (authored by @jaspervdj)

  • Decision logs: Allow rule-based dropping of decision log entries (#3945) authored by @mariusblarsen and @iamatwork

  • Decision Logs: Include the req_id attribute in the decision logs (#5006) reported and authored by @humbertoc-silva
  • Plugins: export OpenTelemetry TracerProvider for use in plugins (authored by @vinhph0906)

Compiler + Topdown

  • graph.reachable_path: fix issue with missing subpaths (#4666) authored by @fredallen-wk
  • http.send: Ensure force_cache attribute ignores Date header (#4960) reported by @bartandacc
  • with: Allow replacing functions with rules (#5299)
  • Evaluation: Skip default functions in full extent (#5202) reported by @ericjkao
  • Evaluation: capture more cases of conflicts in function evaluation (#5272)
  • Rule Indexing: fix incorrect results from indexing glob.match even if output is captured (#5283)

  • Planner: various correctness fixes: #5271, #5265, #5252

  • Builtins: Refactor registration functions and signatures (authored by @philipaconrad)

  • Compiler: Speed up typechecker when working with Refs (authored by @philipaconrad)
  • Trace: add UnifyOp to tracer events (authored by @jaspervdj)


  • Envoy Tutorial: use latest proxy_init (v8)
  • Envoy Plugin: Add note about new config param to skip body parsing
  • Policy Reference: Add semver examples
  • Contributing Code: Provide some tips for style fixes

Website + Ecosystem

  • Website: Make "outdated version" banner red if looked-at version is ancient
  • Ecosystem: Add CircleCI and Topaz


  • Code Cleanup:
  • Don't use the deprecated ioutil functions
  • Use t.Setenv in tests
  • Use t.TempDir to create temporary test directory (authored by @Juneezee)
  • Linters: add unconvert and tenv
  • internal/strvals: port helm strvals fix (CLI --set arguments), reported by @pjbgf, helm fix authored by @mattfarina
  • Wasm: Update README

  • Dependency bumps, notably:

  • Golang: 1.19.2 -> 1.19.3
  • 0.3.7 -> 0.4.0
  • 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1


Nov. 3, 2022, 9:28 a.m.
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