Open Policy Agent - v0.43.0

This release contains a number of fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements.

Object Insertion Optimization

Rego Object insertion operations did not scale linearly (#4625) in the past, and experienced noticeable reallocation/memory movement overheads once the Object grew past 120k-150k keys in size.

This release introduces different handling of Object internals during insert operations to avoid pathological reallocation behavior, and allows linear performance scaling up into the 500k key range and beyond.

Tooling, SDK, and Runtime

  • Add lines covered/not covered counts to test coverage report (authored by @FarisR99)
  • Plugins: Status and logs plugins now accept any HTTP 2xx status code (authored by @lvisterin)
  • Runtime: Generalize OS check for MacOS to other Unix-likes (authored by @iamleot)

Bundles Fixes

The Bundles system received several bugfixes and performance improvements in this release:

  • Bundle: opa bundle command now supports .yml files (#4859) authored by @Joffref reported by @rdrgmnzsakt
  • Plugins/Bundle: Use unique temporary files for persisting activated bundles to disk (#4782) authored by @FredrikAppelros reported by @FredrikAppelros
  • Server: Old policy path is now checked for bundle ownership before update (#4846)
  • Storage+Bundle: Old bundle data is now cleaned before new bundle activation (#4940)
  • Bundle: Paths are now normalized before bundle root check occurs to ensure checks are os-independent

Storage Fixes

The Storage system received mostly bugfixes, with a notable performance improvement for large bundles in this release:

  • storage/inmem: Speed up bundle activation by avoiding unnecessary read operations (#4898)
  • storage/inmem: Paths are now created during truncate operations if they did not exist before
  • storage/disk: Symlinks work with relative paths now (#4869)

Rego and Topdown

The Rego compiler and runtime environment received a number of bugfixes, and a few new features this release, as well as a notable performance improvement for large Objects (covered above).

  • AST/Compiler: New method for obtaining parsed, but otherwise unprocessed modules is now available (#4910)
  • object.subset: Support array + set combination (#4858) authored by @x-color
  • Compiler: Prevent erasure of print() statements in the compiler via a WithEnablePrintStatements option to compiler.Compiler and compiler.optimizer (authored by @kevinstyra)
  • Topdown fixes:
  • AST/Builtins: type_name builtin now has more precise type metadata and improved docs
  • Topdown/copypropagation: Ref-based tautologies like input.a == input.a are no longer eliminated during the copy-propagation pass (#4848) reported by @johanneskra
  • Topdown/parse_units: Use big.Rat for units parsing to avoid floating-point rounding issues on fractional units. (#4856) reported by @tmos22
  • Topdown: is_valid builtins no longer error, and should always return booleans (#4760)
  • Topdown: glob.match now can be used without delimiters (#4923) authored by @vinhph0906 reported by @vinhph0906


  • Docs: Add GraphQL API authorization tutorial
  • Docs/bundles: Add bundle CLI command documentation (#3831) authored by @Joffref
  • Docs/policy-reference: Remove extra quote in Grammar to fix formatting (#4915) authored by @friedrichsenm reported by @friedrichsenm
  • Docs/policy-testing: Add missing future.keywords imports (#4849) reported by @robert-elles
  • Docs: Add note about counter_server_query_cache_hit metric (#4389)
  • Docs: Kube tutorial includes updated cert install procedure (#4902) reported by @Imp
  • Docs: GraphQL builtins section now includes a note about framework-specific @directive definitions in GraphQL schemas
  • Docs: Add warning about name collisions in older policies from importing 'future.keywords'

Website + Ecosystem

  • Website: Show navbar on smaller devices (#3353) authored by @Parsifal-M reported by @OBrienCommaJosh
  • Website/frontpage: Update front page examples to use the future.keywords imports
  • Website/live-blocks: Only pass 'import future.keywords' when needed and supported
  • Website/live-blocks: Update codemirror-rego to 1.3.0
  • Website: Fix community page layout/scrolling issues (authored by @mstade)

  • Ecosystem Additions:

  • Rond (authored by @ugho16)


  • Dependency bumps, notably:
  • aquasecurity/trivy-action from 0.5.1 to 0.6.1
  • from 1.8.1 to 1.9.0
  • from 2.4.5 to 2.4.6
  • from 1.47.0 to 1.48.0
  • terser in /docs/website/scripts/live-blocks
  • glob-parent in /docs/website/scripts/live-blocks
  • Added GKE Policy Automation to (authored by @mikouaj)
  • Fix minor code unreachability error (authored by @Abirdcfly)


July 29, 2022, 9:28 p.m.
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