Open Policy Agent - v0.49.0

This release focuses on bugfixes and documentation improvements, as well as a few small performance improvements.

Runtime, Tooling, SDK

  • runtime: Update rule index's trie node scalar handling so that numerics compare correctly (#5585) authored by @ashutosh-narkar reported by @alvarogomez93
  • ast: Improve error information when metadata yaml fails to compile (#4475) authored and reported by @johanfylling
  • bundle: Retain metadata annotations for Wasm entrypoints during inspection (#5588) authored and reported by @johanfylling
  • compile: Allow object generating rules to be annotated as entrypoints (#5577) authored and reported by @johanfylling
  • plugins/discovery: Support for persisting and loading discovery bundle from disk (#2886) authored by @ashutosh-narkar reported by @anderseknert
  • perf: Use json.Encode to avoid extra allocation (authored by @anderseknert)
  • opa inspect: Fix prefix error when inspecting bundle from root (#5503) authored by @harikannan512 reported by @HarshPathakhp
  • topdown: http.send to cache responses based on status code (#5617) authored by @ashutosh-narkar
  • types: Add GoDoc about named types (authored by @wata727)
  • deps: Remove dependency (authored by @Iceber)


  • Update entrypoint documentation (#5565) authored by @johanfylling reported by @robertgartman
  • Add missing folder argument in bundle build example (authored by @charlieegan3)
  • Clarify crypto.x509.parse_certificates docs (authored by @charlieegan3)
  • Added AWS S3 Web Identity Credentials info to tutorial (authored by @vishrana)
  • docs/graphql: non-nullable id argument and typo fix (authored by @philipaconrad)

Website + Ecosystem

  • Ecosystem:
  • ccbr (authored by @niuzhi)

  • Website:

  • Show prominent warning when viewing old docs (authored by @charlieegan3)
  • Prevent navbar clipping on narrow screens + sticky nav (authored by @charlieegan3)


Dependency bumps:
- build: bump golang 1.19.4 -> 1.19.5 (authored by @yanggangtony)
- ci: aquasecurity/trivy-action from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0
- from 1.6.15 to 1.6.16
- from 1.51.0 to 1.52.3


Feb. 7, 2023, 7:43 p.m.
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