Open Policy Agent - v0.53.0


This release contains some enhancements, bugfixes, and a new builtin function.

Runtime, Tooling, SDK

  • status: Ensure Status plugin is correctly reconfigured to register or unregister Prometheus Collectors based on the state provided in OPA's active config (#5918) authored by @johanfylling
  • opa eval: Update OPA eval's --profile-sort flag description to highlight the valid options to sort the profile results (#5924) authored by @ecbenezra
  • opa fmt: Fix cases in which invalid code was generated due to parentheses being improperly handled (#5537) authored by @Trolloldem
  • rest: Allow users to configure the AWS STS domain when using Web Identity Credentials (#5915) authored by @johanfylling
  • status: Add an OPA environment information Gauge to Prometheus metrics to capture information like OPA version (#5852) authored by @jmoghisi
  • server: Add ability to configure Unix socket permissions if OPA is listening on a Unix socket (#5888) authored by @ashutosh-narkar
  • loader: Allow extensions to the loader package that provide ability to register handlers for certain file extensions. This feature is currently EXPERIMENTAL (#5940) authored by @srenatus

Topdown and Rego

  • New built-in function crypto.x509.parse_keypair: Returns a key pair from a pair of PEM or base64 encoded strings of data. See the documentation on the new built-in for all the details. (#5853) authored by @volck.
  • ast: Abort query evaluation if the compiler has errors. These errors will be exposed via the Status API if enabled (#5947) authored by @johanfylling
  • io.jwt.decode_verify: Fix issue where token verification succeeded in case where iss constraint was required but JWT did not contain it (#5850) authored by @AleksanderBrzozowski
  • wasm: Fix memory leaks in WASM when incrementally adding or removing data (#5785) and (#5901) authored by @ctelfer-sophos
  • http.send: Add a new option to the http.send input object which allows policy authors to specify a retry count for executing a HTTP request. Retries are performed with an exponential backoff delay (#5891) authored by @ashutosh-narkar
  • ast: Fix issue with _ matching only scalars in rule indexing for arrays (#5916) authored by @jaspervdj
  • rego: Allow for extending the Rego evaluation targets with plugins (#5939) authored by @srenatus


  • Add PITS Global Data Recovery Services to (authored by @pheianox)
  • Avoid unnecessary byte/string conversion by using alternative functions/methods (#5944) authored by @Juneezee
  • False positive finding of CVE-2022-3517 addressed by removing the dead code (#5941) authored by @testwill
  • Dependency bumps, notably:
  • golang from 1.20.3 to 1.20.4
  • from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0
  • from 1.54.0 to 1.55.0
  • from 2.0.2 to 2.2.0
  • from 1.15.0 to 1.15.1


May 26, 2023, 7:33 a.m.
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