Open Policy Agent - v0.40.0

This release contains a number of fixes and enhancements.

Metadata introspection

The rich metadata added in the v0.38.0 release can now be introspected from the policies themselves!

package example

# title: Edits by owner only
# description: |
#   Only the owner is allowed to edit their data.
deny[{"allowed": false, "message": rego.metadata.rule().description}] {
    input.user != input.owner

This snippet will evaluate to

  "allowed": false,
  "message": "Only the owner is allowed to edit their data.\n"

Both the rule's metadata can be accessed, via rego.metadata.rule(), and the entire chain of metadata attached to the rule via the various scopes that different metadata annotations can have, via rego.metadata.chain().

All the details can be found in the documentation of these new built-in functions.

Function mocking

It is now possible to mock functions in tests! Both built-in and non-built-in functions can be mocked:

package authz
import data.jwks.cert
import data.helpers.extract_token

allow {
    [true, _, _] = io.jwt.decode_verify(extract_token(input.headers), {"cert": cert, "iss": ""})

test_allow {
      with input.headers as []
      with data.jwks.cert as "mock-cert"
      with io.jwt.decode_verify as [true, {}, {}] # mocked built-in
      with extract_token as "my-jwt"              # mocked non-built-in

For further information about policy testing with data and function mock, see the Policy Testing docs. All details about with can be found in its Policy Language section.

This has been a much-requested feature, but it's @rmetcalf9's issue #4449 that nudged this feature ahead.

Assignments with :=

Remaining restrictions around the use of := in rules and functions have been lifted (#4555). These constructs are now valid:

check_images(imgs) := x { # function
  # ...

allow := x { # rule
  # ...

response[key] := object { # partial object rule
  # ...

In the wake of this, rules may now be "redeclared", i.e. you can use := for more than one rule body:

deny := x {
  # body 1
deny := x {
  # body 2

This was forbidden before, but didn't serve a real purpose: it would catch trivial-to-catch errors

p := 1
p := 2 # redeclared

But it would do no good in more difficult to debug "multiple assignment" problems like

p := x {
  some x in [1, 2, 3]

Tooling, SDK, and Runtime

  • Status Plugin: Remove activeRevision label on all but one Prometheus metric (#4584) reported and authored by @costimuraru
  • Status: Include bundle type ("snapshot" or "delta") in status information
  • opa capabilities: Expose capabilities through CLI, and allow using versions when passing --capabilities v0.39.0 to the various commands (#4236) authored by @IoannisMatzaris
  • Logging: Log warnings at WARN level not ERROR, authored by @damienjburks
  • Runtime: Persist activated bundle Etag to store (#4544)
  • opa eval: Don't use source locations when formatting partially evaluated output (#4609)
  • opa inspect: Fixing an issue where some errors encountered by the inspect command aren't properly reported
  • opa fmt: Fix a bug with missing whitespace when formatting multiple with statements on one indented line (#4634)

Experimental OCI support

When configured to do so, OPA's bundle and discovery plugins will retrieve bundles from any OCI registry. Please see the Services Configuration section for details.

Note that at this point, it's best considered a "feature preview". Be aware of this:
- Bundles are not cached, but re-retrieved and activated periodically.
- The persistence directory used for storing retrieved OCI artifacts is not yet managed by OPA,
so its content may accumulate. By default, the OCI downloader will use a temporary file location.
- The documentation on how to push bundles to an OCI repository currently only exists in the development
docs, see

Thanks to @carabasdaniel for starting the work on this!

Rego and Topdown

  • Builtins: Require prefix length for IPv6 in net.cidr_merge (#4596), reported by @alexhu20
  • Builtins: http.send can now parse and cache YAML responses, analogous to JSON responses
  • Parser: Guard against invalid domains for "some" and "every", reported by @doyensec
  • Formatting: Don't add 'in' keyword import when 'every' is there (#4606)


  • Policy Language: Reorder Universal Quantification content, stress every over other constructions (#4603)
  • Language pages: Use assignment operator where it's allowed.
  • SSH Tutorial: Use bundle API
  • Annotations: Update "Custom" annotation section
  • Cloudformation: Fix markup and add warning related to booleans
  • Blogs: mention OAuth2 and OIDC blog posts

Website + Ecosystem

  • Redirect previous patch releases to latest patch release (#4225)
  • Add playground button to navbar
  • Add SRI to static html files
  • Remove right margin on sidebar (#4529) (authored by @orweis)
  • Show yellow banner for old version (#4533)
  • Remove unused variables to avoid error in strict mode(#4534) (authored by @panpan0000)
  • Ecosystem:
  • Add AWS CloudFormation Hook
  • Add GKE policy automation
  • Add (authored by @ozradi)
  • Add Magda (authored by @t83714)


  • Workflow: no content permissions for GitHub action 'post-release', authored by @naveensrinivasan
  • Various dependency bumps, notably:
  • OpenTelemetry-go: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.3
  • 1.4.0 -> 1.5.1
  • Binaries and Docker images are now built using Go 1.18.1.
  • Dockerfile: add source annotation (#4626)


April 28, 2022, 10:06 a.m.
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