Nomad - v1.7.0-rc.1



  • Job Actions: Introduces the action concept to jobspecs, the web UI, CLI and API. Operators can now define actions that Nomad users can execute against running allocations. [GH-18794]
  • Multiple Vault and Consul Clusters: Nomad Enterprise can now use multiple Vault or Consul clusters. Each task or service can be registered with a different Consul cluster and each task can obtain secrets from a different Vault cluster. [GH-5311]
  • NUMA aware scheduling: Nomad Enterprise now supports optimized scheduling on NUMA hardware [GH-18681]
  • Workload Identity IDP: Nomad's workload identities may now be used with third parties that support JWT or OIDC IDPs such as the AWS IAM OIDC Provider. [GH-18691]
  • Workload Identity for Consul: Jobs can now use workload identity to authenticate to Consul. [GH-15618]
  • Workload Identity for Vault: Jobs can now use workload identity to authenticate to Vault. [GH-15617]


  • client/fingerprint: The cpu.numcores.power node attribute has been renamed to cpu.numcores.performance on Apple Silicon nodes [GH-18843]
  • client: the unique.cgroup.mountpoint node attribute has been removed [GH-18371]
  • client: the unique.cgroup.version node attribute has been renamed to os.cgroups.version [GH-18371]
  • core: Honor job's namespace when checking distinct_hosts feasibility [GH-19004]


  • build: Update to go1.21.4 to resolve Windows path validation CVE in Go [GH-19013]


  • api: Add JWKS HTTP API endpoint [GH-18035]
  • api: Added support for Unix domain sockets [GH-16872]
  • build (Enterprise): Support building s390x binaries. [GH-18069]
  • cli: Add file prediction for operator raft/snapshot commands [GH-18901]
  • cli: Added help text to acl bootstrap about reading the initial token from a file [GH-18961]
  • cli: Added identities, networks, and volumes to the output of the operator client-state command [GH-18996]
  • cli: Added support for prefix ID matching and wildcard namespaces to service info command [GH-18836]
  • client: add support for NetBSD clients [GH-18562]
  • client: enable detection of numa topology [GH-18146]
  • config: Add go-netaddrs support to server_join.retry_join [GH-18745]
  • consul: constraint for minimum version of Consul increased to 1.8.0 [GH-19104]
  • deps: bumped shirou/gopsutil to v3.23.9 [GH-18562]
  • fingerprint: clients now backoff after successfully fingerprinting Consul [GH-18426]
  • identity: Add support for multiple workload identities [GH-18123]
  • identity: Implement change_mode and change_signal for workload identities [GH-18943]
  • identity: Support jwt expiration and rotation [GH-18262]
  • identity: default to RS256 for new workload ids [GH-18882]
  • sentinel (Enterprise): Add existing job information to Sentinel when available. [GH-18553]
  • server: Added transfer-leadership API and CLI [GH-17383]
  • sso: Allow adding a token name format to auth methods which can be used to generate token names when signing in via SSO [GH-19135]
  • ui: color-code node and server status cells [GH-18318]
  • ui: for system and sysbatch jobs, now show client name on hover in job panel [GH-19051]
  • ui: nicer comment styles in UI example jobs [GH-19037]
  • ui: show plan output warnings alongside placement failures and dry-run info when running a job through the web ui [GH-19225]
  • ui: simplify presentation of task event times (10m2.230948s bceomes 10m2s etc.) [GH-18595]
  • vars: Added a locking feature for Nomad Variables [GH-18520]


  • config: Loading plugins from plugin_dir without a plugin configuration block is deprecated [GH-19189]


  • agent: Correct websocket status code handling [GH-19172]
  • api: Fix panic in Allocation.Stub method when Job is unset [GH-19115]
  • cli: Fixed a bug that caused the nomad job restart command to miscount the allocations to restart [GH-19155]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where the operator client-state command would crash if it reads an allocation without a task state [GH-18996]
  • cli: Fixed a panic when the nomad job restart command received an interrupt signal while waiting for an answer [GH-19154]
  • cli: Fixed the nomad job restart command to create replacements for batch and system jobs and to prevent sysbatch jobs from being rescheduled since they never create replacements [GH-19147]
  • client: Fixed a bug where client API calls would fail incorrectly with permission denied errors when using ACL tokens with dangling policies [GH-18972]
  • core: Fix incorrect submit time for stopped jobs [GH-18967]
  • ui: Fixed an issue where purging a job with a namespace did not process correctly [GH-19139]
  • ui: fix the job auto-linked variable path name when user lacks variable write permissions [GH-18598]
  • vault: Fixed an issue that could cause Nomad to attempt to renew a Vault token that is already expired [GH-18985]


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


Dec. 1, 2023, 12:35 a.m.
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