Nomad - v1.4.2


1.4.2 (October 26, 2022)


  • event stream: Fixed a bug where ACL token expiration was not checked when emitting events [GH-15013]


  • cli: Added -id-prefix-template option to nomad job dispatch [GH-14631]
  • cli: add nomad fmt to the CLI [GH-14779]
  • deps: update go-memdb for goroutine leak fix [GH-14983]
  • docker: improve memory usage for docker_logger [GH-14875]
  • event stream: Added ACL role topic with create and delete types [GH-14923]
  • scheduler: Allow jobs not requiring network resources even when no network is fingerprinted [GH-14300]
  • ui: adds searching and filtering to the topology page [GH-14913]


  • acl: Callers should be able to read policies linked via roles to the token used [GH-14982]
  • acl: Ensure all federated servers meet v.1.4.0 minimum before ACL roles can be written [GH-14908]
  • acl: Fixed a bug where Nomad version checking for one-time tokens was enforced across regions [GH-14912]
  • cli: prevent a panic when the Nomad API returns an error while collecting a debug bundle [GH-14992]
  • client: Check ACL token expiry when resolving token within ACL cache [GH-14922]
  • client: Fixed a bug where Nomad could not detect cores on recent RHEL systems [GH-15027]
  • client: Fixed a bug where network fingerprinters were not reloaded when the client configuration was reloaded with SIGHUP [GH-14615]
  • client: Resolve ACL roles within client ACL cache [GH-14922]
  • consul: Fixed a bug where services continuously re-registered [GH-14917]
  • consul: atomically register checks on initial service registration [GH-14944]
  • deps: Update hashicorp/consul-template to 90370e07bf621811826b803fb633dadbfb4cf287; fixes template rerendering issues when only user or group set [GH-15045]
  • deps: Update hashicorp/raft to v1.3.11; fixes unstable leadership on server removal [GH-15021]
  • event stream: Check ACL token expiry when resolving tokens [GH-14923]
  • event stream: Resolve ACL roles within ACL tokens [GH-14923]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where nomad system gc forced a root keyring rotation. [GH-15009]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where if a key is rotated immediately following a leader election, plans that are in-flight may get signed before the new leader has the key. Allow for a short timeout-and-retry to avoid rejecting plans. [GH-14987]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where keyring initialization is blocked by un-upgraded federated regions [GH-14901]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where root keyring garbage collection configuration values were not respected. [GH-15009]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where root keyring initialization could occur before the raft FSM on the leader was verified to be up-to-date. [GH-14987]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where root keyring replication could make incorrectly stale queries and exit early if those queries did not return the expected key. [GH-14987]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where the root keyring replicator's rate limiting would be skipped if the keyring replication exceeded the burst rate. [GH-14987]
  • keyring: Removed root key garbage collection to avoid orphaned workload identities [GH-15034]
  • nomad native service discovery: Ensure all local servers meet v.1.3.0 minimum before service registrations can be written [GH-14924]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug where version checking for disconnected clients handling was enforced across regions [GH-14912]
  • servicedisco: Fixed a bug where job using checks could land on incompatible client [GH-14868]
  • services: Fixed a regression where check task validation stopped allowing some configurations [GH-14864]
  • ui: Fixed line charts to update x-axis (time) where relevant [GH-14814]
  • ui: Fixes an issue where service tags would bleed past the edge of the screen [GH-14832]
  • variables: Fixed a bug where Nomad version checking was not enforced for writing to variables [GH-14912]


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


Oct. 27, 2022, 1:10 p.m.
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